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Forced Performance MHI TF06-18K Turbo | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X


S300SX-E Journal Bearing Super Core T4 Turbo Assembly By BorgWarner

$783.80 $979.75
You Save 20% ($ 195.95)

S200SX-E Journal Bearing Super Core Assembly W/ Optional T3-T4 Flange By BorgWarner

$692.85 $866.07
You Save 20% ($ 173.22)

Garrett GT2560R Turbocharger 200-330HP (GT2560R)


Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2007 16G-XT Turbocharger by Blouch Performance Turbo (SUB-TD05H-16G-XT)


COBB TD05H-20G-8 Turbocharger - 400HP | 2008-2020 Subaru STI (E1120G)


Forced Performance 71HTA JB Turbo | 2003-2006 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9


S366 T4 Airwerks Turbo By BorgWarner (177284)

$900.62 $1,125.77
You Save 20% ($ 225.15)

Forced Performance 68HTA JB Turbo | 1990-1999 1G/2G DSM


Precision Turbo Entry Level MFS 4831 JB Turbocharger - 385WHP (002-4831)


BorgWarner 7670 EFR Ball Bearing T3 Turbo (179351)

$2,204.33 $2,755.41
You Save 20% ($ 551.08)

S475 T6 Airwerks Turbo By BorgWarner

$1,002.75 $1,253.44
You Save 20% ($ 250.69)

BorgWarner 7163 EFR Ball Bearing Super Core Turbo Assembly

$1,499.39 $1,874.23
You Save 20% ($ 374.84)

S360 T4 Airwerks Turbo By BorgWarner (177272/80)

$889.07 $1,111.35
You Save 20% ($ 222.28)

Garrett G Series G25-660 Standard Rotation 350-660 HP Turbo


S480 T6 Airwerks Turbo By BorgWarner (177287)

$1,480.89 $1,851.11
You Save 20% ($ 370.22)

S400SX-E Journal Bearing Super Core Turbo Assembly T4 Flange By BorgWarner

$1,354.12 $1,692.65
You Save 20% ($ 338.53)

S246 T3/T4 Airwerks Turbo By BorgWarner (177258)

$785.14 $981.42
You Save 20% ($ 196.28)

BorgWarner 7670 EFR Ball Bearing T4 Turbo (179390)

$2,143.91 $2,679.88
You Save 20% ($ 535.97)

BorgWarner 7064 EFR Ball Bearing T3 Turbo (179355)

$2,177.82 $2,722.28
You Save 20% ($ 544.46)

Garrett G Series G25-550 Standard Rotation 300-550 HP Turbo


A good turbocharger is the difference between being out-dragged down the stretch and being the one swiping the fast time award. Turbocharger systems from Modern Automotive Performance are the perfect way to get that extra rush of horsepower time after time on a drag strip or street course. We’ve found the best turbochargers from Precision Turbo, Garrett, Borg Warner, Comp Turbo and other aftermarket leaders — and the folks in the garage have developed a few of our own, too. Whether you’re looking to install a new turbocharger on your sport compact or upgrade the current model, we have one that matches your need for speed.

There are a lot of car, engine and lead-foot combinations out there, which is why we carry a lot of different turbochargers and super core assemblies. Looking for a basic forced induction system that fits a lower-end 120-320HP engine? We have those. Are you a professional racer who needs their turbocharger to handle 2000 horsepower or more? Modern Automotive Performance has those, too — and everything in between. Our inventory contains both traditional journal bearing chargers that provide an affordable a boost and ball bearing turbochargers that are efficient and long-lasting. Many turbochargers are universal models, meaning you can use them to retrofit or upgrade pretty much any vehicle. But there are also models for Mitsubishi’s, Subaru’s and other popular sport car makes.

You’ll need the right hardware and accessories to install your new turbocharger, too. Shop online 24/7 at Modern Automotive Performance for return drain fittings, wastegate dump tubes, bolt-on upgrades and other ways to help your car perform to the max. We’ve also developed MAP turbo swap kits that also you to switch a forced induction system from one car model to another, such as putting the Mitsubishi Ralliart turbo into an EVO X. We offer the best pricing available on all turbochargers plus free shipping in the lower 48 states, so get modern performance for less money now!

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