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Performance Fuel System Kits & Packages

Saying you want a new fuel system for your car is about as simple as saying you want a new home theater system for your living room. Everyone thinks about the big components – fuel injectors/TVs, fuel pumps/DVD players, etc. – but there’s a lot of little pieces as well, and forgetting any of them can cause the whole setup to go kaput. While we don’t know that much about home theaters (as seen by our questionable product comparisons), we’ve spent plenty of time on automotive fuel systems. That why we carry a great selection of performance fuel system kits, allowing you to save money while getting it right from the get-go.

Every fuel kit includes each part and piece needed for a full system rebuild – fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, lines, filters and every adapter and connector you can think of (and some you couldn’t). As a leader in aftermarket DSM parts, we’ve used our knowledge to put together some great fuel system packages, containing a combination of in-house fabricated parts and others from top manufacturers such as Injector Dynamics and Walbro. Our Evo X fuel system kits range from the 400whp-rated system for high-boost daily drivers to the 500whp system for track regulars. We also have fuel systems for converting your gasoline-powered engine to run on ethanol-based fuels.

If you’re really serious about leaving the competition behind, we also carry Aeromotive fuel systems for street rods, muscle cars and drifters. These universal fuel kits are capable of supporting up to a whopping 1,000 horses of rubber-burning power, and can be ordered for either fuel-injected or carbureted engines. Whichever system you choose, you’ll be able to count on our expert performance automotive knowledge and service, and you’ll save both money and hassle versus buying each component individually. Each of our fuel system packages ships for free the day you order it so you can get started on your upgrade and still have time for a movie afterwards.