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When upgrading your project car for more power, turn to quality parts and kits from Modern Automotive Performance for a boost in horsepower and efficiency.

Like a lot of automotive companies, we started small. In 2006, a bunch of high school friends turned a dream of locating hard-to-find parts for supercharging smaller vehicles into a worldwide business. We’ve grown because we have a pit crew mentality toward customer service, and because we have ridiculously high standards for driving performance.

That means our mechanics have tested thousands upon thousands of parts, monitoring performance and seeing if they deliver as advertised. More often than not, sometimes we wouldn’t be able to find a part that met all of our demands.

So we started making the parts ourselves.

We craft downpipes, manifolds, intercoolers, turbocharger kits, hot parts kits and so much more — each using premium materials and superior construction methods to ensure top performance and long life. Our complete turbocharger kits have a reputation for being thorough and top-quality, including everything you know you need and a few things you didn’t know you needed. Our custom tunes for engine management systems help boost your performance exactly the way you want to drive. And our exhaust kits feature quality components built to help your engine run as efficiently as possible.

All we need to know is what you drive and how you want to drive it. Do you have a Ford Mustang that you’d like to beef up a bit for Saturday night cruising? Got an Evo X you want to put to the test in street racing situations? Or do you have a special project that you think is ready for the track? Contact us today, and we’ll help point you toward Modern Automotive Performance components and systems that will help you reach your automotive goals.