For many car enthusiasts, there’s nothing more satisfying then working on your own machine. From changing the oil to replacing the radiator, you can’t help but feel a certain pride knowing your own blood, sweat and tears went into producing the final road-ready result. (Hopefully not too much blood though.) At Modern Automotive Performance, we know the feeling as well. That’s why our do it yourself automotive section is full of tools, fittings, hardware, fabrication components and other accessories to help turn your garage or front yard into a one-stop automotive shop.

Whether you’re doing routine maintenance or installing a major new part, we have the little things you need for the job. Our selection of hoses, fittings, gaskets and inserts will keep engine and cooling system fluids sealed in, preventing leaks that could lead to catastrophic failures. Stock up on clamps, locknuts, silicone couplers and other hardware so you always have them on hand to secure parts in place. And you can find all sorts of specialized tools for DIY applications, from battery and boost leak testers to piston ring compressors.

We also have components and tools for doing your own exhaust or induction fabrication. Order stainless steel straight tubing or pre-bent pipe and use it to craft a custom exhaust or turbo system. Our in-house exhaust manifold flange sets are perfect for securing your pipes, and we have plenty of plugs, clamps and seals to prevent dangerous leaks. For forced induction systems, you may want to use our aluminum piping or install an air intercooler. And don’t forget to pick up exhaust wrap, heat reflective tape or silicone coating for protection from hot tail…pipes.

Our in-house experts live and breathe cars, and if you have questions about how to go about your garage work, they’ll be happy to assist you by phone or email. With our fast shipping and standard returns policy, we make it easy to get to work with the parts and tools you need. Get started today and make your car uniquely yours.