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2016 may be the year that the Honda Civic raced back into performance drivers’ hearts. After some bad reviews for the previous generation, the latest 10th generation models featured the company’s compact global platform.

The Civic’s new look is sharp (we especially dig the hatchback, and the chrome wing across the front is nice), and the interior instrument featured a completely revamped LCD screen perfectly positioned. But you know us: Our biggest question was how it would perform on the track. It didn’t disappoint! That 1.5-liter engine with turbo gave us a pleasant surprise.

Though the 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5 Liter Turbo is already well equipped, there is plenty of room for improvement. Our staff of mechanics has decades of collective experience getting the most from Honda models, so when you’re ready to add more horsepower to your Civic, we have plenty of upgrades, parts, accessories and more to make your vision a reality, all from the industry’s most trusted brands.

Maybe that stock turbo doesn’t give you enough oomph? We have turbo and supercharger options built to add horsepower. Our fuel systems keep your Civic’s engine quenched, and our exhaust upgrades help that engine “breathe” even better. You’ll find some of the best electronic components on the market, from additional gauges to tuning computers. And we’ve carved a reputation for offering full kits that ensure you get all the parts you need for critical system upgrades.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we want to be your personal pit crew. Our prices are some of the best on the internet, our shipping rates are amazing and our Loyalty Rewards Program will earn you money to help pay for future projects. But it’s our customer service that really shines: Our gearheads love talking shop with Civic owners, so whether you’re open for new ideas or need to bounce some details off someone else, we’re happy to help. We love helping automotive dreams become reality. Whether you want to charge up your Civic a bit for daily driving, or invest in a serious racing upgrade, we have your back.

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