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No matter how much power your car has under the hood when it rolls off the factory floor, a true competitor or speed demon is always looking for more. With performance turbochargers from Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll get the horsepower boost you need to stay one step ahead of the pack. These forced induction devices operate on the tried-and-true principle that more air equals more power, using a compressor to force more air into the intake. By operating off a turbine driven by exhaust gas, they’re also less expensive and more efficient than a regular supercharger. Our turbocharger kits include everything you need for big horsepower gains that you’ll feel in every gear.

Whatever your vehicle of choice or favorite turbo manufacturer, we have a turbocharger system for you. Whether you want to buy a bolt on turbo upgrade kit or an ETS turbo kit EVO, or whether you want a 2011 Mustang FT twin turbo or an EcoBoost Mustang stock turbo, we have them and more in our giant inventory. Stock locator turbos are ideal for street riders who want to minimize install time, while rotated turbos also for a bigger, more efficient design that will have you up to speed at track days. Each turbo kit includes necessary parts such as actuators, oil pipes and water pipes that will help keep your engine cool while generating increased power.

MAP also carries hundreds of turbocharger accessories for installing, tuning or rebuilding your system. Pick up the right hot parts kit, gasket set, oil lines, turbo timer, turbo blanket and other components to maximize performance in any condition. We know our way around turbochargers at MAP, and our expert team will always steer you in the right direction, whether it’s to our in-house turbo upgrade kits or to one of the respected aftermarket manufacturers we carry. Whichever one you choose, we’ll ship it today at the lowest prices in the industry so you can afford to go fast as soon as possible.

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