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ACT Clutch Kits

ACT Clutch

ACT Clutch is one of the leading brands in the performance clutch market, and for good reason. Their commitment to providing high-quality parts has earned them a reputation for reliability and performance. Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty upgrade for your race car or just a smoother daily driving experience, ACT has a clutch kit that fits your needs. With options ranging from organic materials for quieter operation to ceramic materials for increased friction and heat tolerance, ACT has the technology to take your transmission to the next level. Don't settle for mediocre performance - trust ACT Clutch to improve the feel of your ride.

ACT Clutch Kits

When it comes to performance vehicles, an ACT clutch kit is the way to go. ACT has been at the forefront of clutch design for over 25 years, offering reliable products that stand up to the increased demands of souped-up engines. We've personally experienced the improved handling and driving experience that ACT provides, not to mention the confidence in knowing we have one of the longest warranties on the market backing us up. If you're a performance enthusiast looking to take your vehicle to the next level, investing in an ACT clutch kit is a no-brainer.

Contact us today and talk to us about your project. What do you drive and how do you want to drive it? Got a turbocharger or performance manifold for more horsepower? We’ll tell you all about how a performance clutch kit will benefit your performance vehicle.

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