Air Intakes

Aftermarket intake systems

There’s a reason why air intakes and exhausts are some of the most popular mods for diehard tuners, and it comes down to horsepower. Because exhausts and intakes allow you to pull in — and expel — more air from the engine, they can offer some real horsepower benefits, in addition to changing the notes coming from your engine bay and exhaust.

For these reasons, a custom air intake or exhaust upgrade is a great place to start for first-time tuners. Regardless if you need a replacement air filter or are in the market for a complete air intake and exhaust kit, Modern Automotive Performance has the high-quality aftermarket performance bolt-ons required for the job.

This selection includes air intakes, filters and accessories plus exhaust essentials like manifolds, components and more. Best-sellers include our EVO 10 O2-eliminator down pipes, Ecoboost Mustang down pipes and EVO 8 and 9 external dump housings. Universal parts simplify the process of modifying your existing configuration, and MAP makes it super easy to narrow down our selection to show only parts for your particular make and model. Get everything you need for unbeatable turbocharged and supercharged performance in these departments.

We’re an authorized dealer for some of the top-selling aftermarket exhaust and air filter retailers, including Tomei, ETS, AMS and more. We also manufacture our very own line of MAPerformance brand exhausts and air intakes made with high-performance 304 stainless steel and other top-quality materials for long-term performance and power. For more information, make sure to check out the MAP YouTube channel for in-depth reviews and information on specific parts. The Modern Automotive Performance team is always available to assist you with your purchase if you contact us.