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Athletes and gearheads will both tell you the same thing: the more air and fuel you have in your engine, the better you’ll perform. And while most of us will never be an elite marathon runner or football player no matter how much heavy breathing we do and how many protein bars we eat, any car enthusiast can turn their car into a high-power machine. A good supercharger system can increase horsepower 40 percent in forced induction engine for more of everything when you press on the gas pedal. Our collection of performance supercharger and accessories will fuel your need for speed no matter where you drive.

Modern Automotive Performance carries supercharger kits for a number of vehicle makes and models. For example, Subaru lovers can grab a Kraftwerks Supercharger BRZ system, Chevy diehards can pick up a Camaro supercharger kit from multiple manufacturers, and Nissan 370Z owners will find everything they need in a Gamma Motors Twin Supercharger kit. Each system is designed to force more air into the engine more efficiently, giving drivers huge street-legal horsepower boosts on otherwise stock vehicles. Many superchargers bolt right on ready to tune, and will even give you performance gains using ordinary pump gas.

Supercharger kits include all other high-performance parts and supercharger accessories you need to take advantage of your engine’s new potential. This includes new intake manifolds, an intercooler, plumbing, a separate serpentine belt, wiring harnesses, hardware and performance fuel injectors for those with injected engines. Select systems also come pre-tuned or with tuner kits so you’ll be synced up in no time. All of our superchargers qualify for free shipping and are ready to send today at the lowest prices you’ll find. Contact our in-house mechanics today by phone, email or live chat for expert assistance in selecting and installing the right supercharger to make you feel like a big game winner.