1G / 2G DSM Performance Parts

Modern Automotive Performance got its start offering DSM aftermarket parts, and we continue to be the authority for anyone who owns one of these beloved performance sedans from 1990 to 1999. Whether your an owner with the nameplate of a 1992 Plymouth Laser, a Eclipse GSX or a soaring first-generation Eagle Talon TSI, MAP has the best DSM performance parts, DSM replacement OEM parts and mods for the legendary 4G63t engine, to keep your coupe thriving on the road for years to come.

What are DSM parts?

Diamond-Star Motors may be gone, but the vehicles that resulted from this joint manufacturing venture continue to reside in the garages of automotive enthusiasts everywhere. The term "Diamond Star" came from the logos of the two companies involved: The diamonds of the Mitsubishi Logo mixed with the pentagram of the Chrysler logo. DSM 1G stands for "1st generation". It was the first line of cars to come out of the new Diamond Star Motors plant in 1989. These vehicles include

The 1989-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

The 1989-1994 Plymouth Laser

The 1989-1998 Eagle Talon

DSM first-generation models got an update halfway through production, and you can spot key difference between the "1Ga" and "1Gb" models: pop-up headlights.

2G are the second generation of DSM vehicles. Plymouth Lasers were phased out as Plymouth was starting to crumble. So that left us with the Eclipse & Eagle Talon. They were given a more modern body shape, getting rid of the "wedge" shape in favor of a more streamlined, modern profile.

DSM 4G63 Engine

The DSM 4G63 is a 2L, 4 cylinder DOHC engine. Stock versions put out around 210hp. Upgraded versions of the 4G63 can hit 800 or even 1000 horsepower, however. The two notable parts of the 4G63 is the cast iron cylinder block and aluminum head. It featured a forged steel crankshaft & cast aluminum pistons. A timing chain is used in place of a timing belt. There also two versions of the 4G63: 6-bolt and 7-bolt. This just describes the number of bolts used to connect the flywheel to the crankshaft.

DSM Tuning from MAPerformance

As the aftermarket performance part leader, we pride ourselves on carrying DSM parts that no one else does. Upgrade that older factory DSM turbochargers with 2G DSM OEM turbo parts, hug the road using coilovers, bolt on 50 horsepower with a DSM performance intake manifold or overhaul your entire power plant with MAP’s rebuild kits. Our interchangeable Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser and Mitsubishi Eclipse parts catalog is unmatched, and if you’re still having trouble finding the part you need, just let us know and we’ll head to the vast well of DSM experience to find it for you. We can answer all of your technical questions about the 4G63t and how to get more horsepower out of it.

Whether you’re looking to go cruising on off days or show the kids that an older coupe can still get it done, MAP has the parts and accessories that DSM car owners need. We know DSM better than anyone, and we’re ready to help you soar like an Eagle, keep Laser focus and Eclipse your personal best. If you find a lower price on any of our high performance DSM parts, we will match it, and any orders over $199 ship free so you can afford to bring your car into the modern age. You can get started by clicking on the category pages above, checking out popular search terms below or contacting us to speak with one of our representatives.