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Gas isn’t the only thing that lights the fire in your engine. Sustained performance requires a healthy flow of air. It’s a magical chemical — turbochargers provide extra horsepower with strategic bursts of air into the engine. But even cars without a single modification depend on every breath of air they can get, from inhaling at the intake to exhaling through the exhaust.

Here’s the thing about cars and stock options, however — they are filled with systems that limit performance. Only some of those things are required by law, while others are just in place to keep tight reins on the horses in the engine. Performance drivers can unlock hidden boosts and better efficiency by working with their exhaust systems. In fact, one of the first upgrades that performance drivers make is to airflow — it’s one of the first places that offers significant horsepower boosts.

Professional Air Intake Knowledge

At Modern Automotive Performance, our mechanics have collective decades of experience doing just that, and we have the charts to prove it. We’ve tested countless parts on myriad cars and found what works the best from the industry’s best manufacturers, such as AMS Performance, Cobb Tuning, Precision Turbo, Tomei and others. And when we can’t find a part that meets our high standards, we machine it ourselves.

From simple test pipes to full exhaust kits, you’ll find what you’re looking for here in abundance. What do you drive, and how do you want to drive it? Are you interested in sticking to street situations, or are you ready to tackle the track? Contact us and tell us about your project. We’ll point you toward the best options for your goals. We love helping automotive dreams become reality, and no other place on the internet will help you do that like us. From our impressive discounts to our outstanding customer service, we’ll quickly become your personal pit crew.