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BC Racing

Improve your performance vehicle’s handling and stability with a BC Racing suspension upgrade from Modern Automotive Performance.

Suspension is a big part of successful driving. Your engine can have all the horses in the world, but a performance suspension is the reins that keep them running together. A bad suspension system can cause a car to wobble and bounce. Each one of those extra movements requires your engine to work harder and compensate. Casual drivers will notice a difference with a more sluggish drive that lacks pep. And racers will see precious seconds added to their lap times.

Our staff of gearheads and grease monkeys has decades of collective experience working on cars, and they know firsthand what a difference a quality suspension system can make. BC Racing makes some of the best coilovers in the industry, and we’re proud to offer them. The company started in a guy’s garage in 2006 and has since grown into one of the continent’s largest custom suspension designers. It has equipped vehicles for professional racers, pro drifters, rallycross drivers and even a few stunt drivers in Hollywood.

The company’s innovative designs feature large reservoirs, fine tuning and other customization options. Different kits help equip vehicles for road courses or autocross tracks — or even simple street driving.

Put Modern Automotive Performance to work for you. Our mechanics are also experts at providing excellent customer service. All you have to do is talk to them and tell them all about your automotive goals. They’ll put their experience to work for you, helping you find the best BC Racing coilovers for your vehicle. Our Loyalty Rewards program, low prices and excellent shipping rates will ensure you have a healthy stash of cash at the ready for your next big upgrade.

Let us show you how BC Racing coilovers can be a part of your project’s transformation into your dream car.


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