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Engine Dress-Up

Sure, you put most of the time working on your engine into making it the strongest, most powerful engine around – but that doesn’t mean it can’t look nice as well. Just like you would clean up for an important date (yes, that means not wearing a grease-stained shirt, guys), your engine deserves the same pride in its appearance for a big event. Our engine dress-up parts and accessories will help give your work a more personal touch and set you apart before you even take to the track.

We have caps, bolts, covers and more to set the theme you want for your ride. You’ll turn heads when you open your hood with a Perrin Engine Cover kit, which is made from aluminum shrouds that look great while maintaining proper airflow. We also have valve covers, exhaust covers, pulley covers and pretty much any component cover you can think of. Add additional pizzazz to your valve cover, power steering or intake manifold by installing them with a stainless steel bolt kit for a clean, professional look.

If you’re looking for more function to go with your fashion, STM aluminum power steering reservoirs provide essential protection against overflow with a lightweight aluminum design that positively shines. GrimmSpeed hood struts are another quality upgrade, making it easy to open and close your hood while eliminating the need for that annoying OEM hood prop. And Boomba Racing oil caps and dip stick handles are a small but fun way to add some flair to the engine bay, with four different colors available.

A longstanding debate among car enthusiasts – and many other enthusiasts – is whether they’d rather have great performance or great looks. At Modern Automotive Performance, our position in the debate is: why can’t you have both? With our quality dress-up parts and competitive prices, you can give your engine a unique appearance and still afford to be the fastest in the field. Check out our options now and get same-day shipping on most items.