No sound may be more associated with automotive performance than the hum – or growl, if you prefer – of a finely tuned engine. Motoring down the highway with a powerful big block under your hood is the surest way to turn heads while sending the message you want to send. But engine upgrades aren’t just for muscle car owners – your everyday car can also benefit from new valve covers or an aftermarket piston kit.

That’s why we carry thousands of engine components for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, along with cooling system components to make your engine purr.

Our engine parts run the gamut from seals to timing belts, and come from the most respected names in the industry along with our own in-house products.

If you’re planning on completely rebuilding your engine, we offer forged engine internals, Cosworth camshafts, MAP performance cylinder heads and all the oem gaskets and accessories you need for to build a boss motor. If you just need to change your oil, use the best lubricant possible with Amsoil, Royal Purple or Redline motor oil and a K&N filter. Our cooling parts are top-notch as well, with premium radiators, water pumps, thermostats and hoses to keep you running cool in any conditions.

No matter what type of car you drive, you can find engine and cooling system parts that are right for you. We got our start supply quality 4G63 DSM parts, and we still have oodles of Mitsubishi OEM replacement and performance components in stock. On the other hand, if you’re on the market for Ford Fiesta ST upgrades, you can order motor mounts, connecting rods, oil cooler kits and other parts that will make it feel more like a hot rod. The gearheads at Modern Automotive Performance love all cars, and after 10+ years of supplying the best performance parts and accessories, we can help make even an “ordinary” vehicle into something special. And with perks such as same-day shipping and our Loyalty Rewards program, we make it work your while to shop with us.