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A good seat is the most important part of your car’s interior. They’re about more than just feeling comfortable behind the wheel — though this certainly won’t hurt your 0-60 times. You also want a seat that looks great, provides the support you need and helps protect you from injury should an accident happen. Modern Automotive Performance has some of the best aftermarket racing seats that are made for going fast. With a strong driving seat made by NRG, Sparco, Cusco, Takata Racing and other lop brands, you’ll feel fresh after an afternoon of high speeds or hard drifts. Take a seat and see what we have to offer!

These universal street car seats can be installed in an assortment of vehicles with few if any modifications. Pick up a bucket seat that is ergonomically molded to wrap around your body as you drive, giving your back and legs some added support. Many bucket seats also have side bolsters to prevent your butt and shoulders from sliding around as you scream through a turn. A drifting seat has even more aggressive support for leaning on the edge of control. Each competition seat is designed to accept a four-point racing harness so you’ll be completely secure at all times.

Choose from several materials and cover options that fit your performance and style needs. Modern Automotive Performance has carbon fiber vehicle seats, fiberglass and foam seats, leather road seats and driver’s seats with removable cloth covers for easy machine washing. We also carry a full selection of racing seat mounting hardware, including bucket side brackets, seat rails, reclinable brackets, hardware kits and seat belt pads. Whatever type of car you like to go racing in or take for a spirited highway drive, we can help you get the right seat for it. Just try not to fall out of your chair when you see our low prices and Loyalty Rewards.