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Boost the power and performance of your Subaru with high-quality performance parts, components and accessories from Modern Automotive Performance.

From the BRZ Coupe to the Impreza WRX STi and even the Outback and Forester, Subaru is one manufacturer that makes sports cars and other vehicles that offer superior driving performance. There’s a reason these beasts are all over “The Fast and Furious” movies: They start out in a great place off the lot, performance-wise.

But the right custom subaru parts make them even better. Whether it’s exhaust components like exhaust systems, downpipes, and manifolds, electric components like gauges and accessories, ignition components, or engine management and tuning, suspension components, forced induction upgrades, engine and cooling components, or even exterior and interior styling parts and accessories like shift knobs, we’ve got everything you need for your vehicle.

At Modern Automotive Performance, our mechanics have decades of collective experience working on these exciting autos like the Subaru WRX STi or the BRZ Coupe. Since 2006, we’ve worked on upgrades to performance, power, handling and more, testing out each tweak in racing situations. We know there’s no substitute for quality parts and components.

That’s why our shelves are filled with OEM Subaru performance parts and the highest-quality Subaru parts for your WRX Impreza STi, BRZ Coupe, or Outback Sport aftermarket upgrades available from major manufacturers like Cobb Tuning and countless others - all names you can trust for quality, durability, and performance.

We have one of the best reputations in the industry because of the low prices of our WRX, Outback Sport, and BRZ Coupe performance parts, outstanding shipping rates, instant order packing and generous Loyalty Rewards. Plus, we make it as affordable as possible to upgrade your ride thanks to our free shipping on all orders over $199. But where we really shine is our customer service: Our staff of experts loves to talk to Subaru WRX, BRZ, and Outback Sport drivers and help them drive closer to their automotive goals. We use some of the same subaru parts to tune up our own vehicles, so we are happy to walk you through any problems you may encounter with installation or fitment.

Your car should be as unique as you are. A stock ride doesn’t tell the whole story and it never will. Thankfully, customizing your car has never been easier thanks to MAPerformance. There’s no reason your STi can’t reflect your own personality and needs, not when we can grant you access to some of the best subaru parts and accessory providers on the market! So how do you want to drive your Subaru WRX? Looking to enjoy a Saturday cruise more on your Outback Sport? Are your sights set on winning trophies in your BRZ Coupe? Contact us and tell us what you want to do. We’ll be your personal pit crew and help turn those dreams into reality. Let us help you get started today!