Top Four Power Bolt On's for the 2015 Subaru WRX!

The 2015 WRX features a new engine, the FA20DET. It only took a few months, but people have started modding the car and found a few items that bring the most power to the table, all at reasonable prices. Below, we'll cover 4 bolt-on mods to make your 2015 Subaru WRX faster without breaking the bank!

2015 Subaru AccessPort by Cobb Tuning

Ten years ago, the first performance modification you usually made was one of two things: either a catback exhaust or cold air intake. It depended solely on the tastes of the owner, and not much else. Not much consideration to increases in power and torque were taken. While cold air intakes and catback exhaust systems are very viable options for owners modifying their 2015 WRX, neither add the same bang for the buck as a heldheld tuning device. While there are many handheld tuners on the aftermarket, only one surpasses the requirements we've set forth.

A CobbTuning Accessport is all that and more when it comes to tuning modules available for the 2015 Subaru WRX and it's FA20DIT engine. Why? One look at the results should be all you need to see to understand why. On top of that, we've recently began support for the 2015 WRX and offer custom tunes that add ~60whp/50wtq over stock. Want another reason? It's very affordable, and has the most money/power adding ratios without need for other mods. We've been working with the Cobb Accessport on our very own project 2015 WRX, and couldn't be happier with the results we've gotten.

2015 Subaru WRX TMIC Upgrade

Everyone knows, part of what makes a Subaru WRX iconic is the turbocharged engine. One component that has helped drive the Subaru to the top of the performance world is the factory top mount intercooler system. It's close proximity to the turbo reduces boost pressure drop and lag, while the location of the stock 2015 WRX TMIC pulls cool air into the engine bay via a scoop in the hood. While a great location for fresh, cool air to help cool the charged air, the stock TMIC is fairly small and undersized for the needs of the engine.

The MAP Intercooler Upgrade is nearly twice the size as the factory unit. This extra size brings more power to the table, and the rest speaks for itself. Why not just go front mount? The benefits of a Top Mount overweight the benefits of a front mount, especially on stock turbocharger cars since it's compatible with the OEM charge pipe and engine cover. 

2015 WRX Catted J-Pipe


Turbochargers need to breathe. The exhaust system is important for transporting used exhaust gases from the engine behind the car. The first part of the exhaust after the turbo is the Downpipe. On Subaru's, this is often referred to as the J-Pipe. Unlike other areas of the exhaust, bigger piping isn't always the best option, so meticulous testing must be done to find the best combination for factory and aftermarket 2015 Subaru WRX turbo's.

Grimmspeed has done all this testing, and the end result is one of the best performing 2015 WRX downpipes currently on the market. Using an innovative 1/2" flange design and a smooth one piece pipe, you get a smooth 3" to 3.5" transition with a high flow, 300 cell metallic cat. Installation couldn't be easier too, as the Grimmspeed Catted J-Pipe retains all OEM brackets, ensuring exact fitment from flange to flange. Grimmspeed also includes all necessary hardware, meaning you can ditch those old OEM studs and nuts. Sadly, there is one downside to this kit. It currently only fits manual transmission cars only. But keep posted to the MAPerformance blog for future updates, including automatic transmission compatililty.

2105 WRX Boost Control Solenoid

Most people dont understand how a boost control solenoid works, and often end up buying one blindy. So lets go over how a boost control solenoid works before getting into why you need an upgraded one. First and foremost, a BCS controls the amount of boost pressure diverted to the wastegate. On a standard two-port BCS used on 2015 WRX's, a T port divides boost pressure between the wastegate and the turbo towards the BCS. This setup is very inaccurate and responds slowly, and explains why you see crazy boost pressure fluctuations under throttle while shifting with an OEM Boost Control Solenoid

An aftermarket 3-Port BCS from Grimmspeed is a must have upgrade for anyone looking to modify their 2015 Subaru WRX. The 3-port systems works by interrupting the boost signal traveling from the turbo to the wastegate before it is redirected back into the turbo inlet and re-ingested by the turbo using an adapter. The factory MAF Sensor has already measured that air and is expecting that your motor will use it during combustion, rather than venting it to the atmosphere. With this setup, you'll hold boost much better under heavy throttle shifts, which means faster transient response and les workload on the turbo. Still Confused? Check this graphic for a visualization of how it works