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  • Cobb Tuning Parts & Accessories – MAPerformance

    Since 1999, Cobb Tuning has been committed to improving the performance driving experience for racers and casual enthusiasts alike. Originally founded by Trey Cobb to produce Subaru components, Cobb Tuning now makes parts and accessories for many leading vehicles that you see at drag strips, road courses and rally events around the world. We have hundreds of popular Cobb products in stock including engine tuning modules, exhaust systems, turbo components and air intake systems designed with the entire vehicle in mind.

    Thanks to Cobb Tuning, you don’t even need to lift the hood to get a boost. The Cobb Accessport line of engine management systems plugs right into your ODB port, allowing you to replace factory settings with ones that unlock more power and better efficiency. MAP has Cobb handheld tuners for the Mitsubishi Evo X, Ford Mustang EcoBoost, Subaru WRX, Volkswagen Golf GTI and many other popular vehicles. Flash one of Cobb’s pre-loaded engine control unit maps or create your own, with storage space for up to 100 different calibrations.

    If you want to get your hands dirty – and what car guy doesn’t – we have many other Cobb performance components that will fit your needs. Reduce stock pre-turbo power restrictions by installing a Cobb air intake system, maximize exhaust flow with a Cobb exhaust system that is a direct factory replacement and keep cool air flowing through your turbocharger with a Cobb front mount intercooler kit. Cobb makes a number of suspension and drivetrain components as well, such as adjustable shifters, lowering springs and sway bars. You can also get accessories such as inlet hoses and shifter knobs.

    All Cobb Tuning bolt-on components are manufactured and tested using state-of-the-art methods for power and comfort like you have never experienced. MAP makes it easy to find components that match your vehicle thanks to our fitment tool and expert service, and we offer the lowest guaranteed prices so you can upgrade while still having gas money to get to the track. Call or email us today to get started!