At MAP, we know that a crowd gathers around a car, it typically isn’t to gush lovingly about its amazing new battery or fresh spark plugs. But we also know that sometimes the secret to your automotive success can be hiding in plain sight. Car electronic systems are an underrated but vital part of modern performance, connecting parts together and making them work in sync while feeding information to the driver. Our electronic components cover everything you need from simply firing up your machine to unlocking your vehicle’s potential via ecu tuning.

It’s hard to put up a great 0-60 time if you can even get off the line, which is why we carry the best available vehicle batteries and ignition components to help your car start quickly and smoothly every time. Our small battery kits feature batteries that work better than factory batteries while reducing weight and clearing space for installing upper intercooler pipes. Adding a set of powerful HKS or NGK iridium spark plugs will help your engine fire up in no time once the electrical current is flowing. If the light bulb doesn’t come up, we have replacement starters and alternators available as well.

Once you’ve brought Frankenstein’s monster to life, you can use our engine management and tuning components to maximize performance. Devices such as the Cobb Accessport handheld tuner allow you to remap your vehicle’s engine and sensors to increase horsepower and fuel economy while logging data and diagnostic reports in real-time. View the fruits of those gains on one of our stylish aftermarket gauges – some of which even have controls built in to safely adjust your engine’s air/fuel mixture on the fly.

We never forget about the little things at Modern Automotive Performance, which is why we have quality map sensors, relay kits, fuse box covers and other accessories in stock as well. Vehicle electronics are about more than getting your car stereo to work, which is why we have expert technicians that know electronic components inside and out. Call or email us today and stop worrying about short circuits.