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Batteries & Mounting Kits

An automotive battery may only have one job, but it’s a pretty big job. After all, all the performance upgrades in the world won’t do you a lick of good if your car won’t start. And sometimes an OEM battery just won’t do – the more powerful your engine, the more electric power you’ll need to start it up. Modern Automotive Performance carries quality aftermarket batteries, car battery mounts and other components designed for those who have the need for speed.

While we know how important car batteries are, we also know that as long as your alternator is working, the battery doesn’t have much to do once your vehicle is up and running. So why do so many car still have big, bulky batteries that hog engine space? We don’t know why either, which is why MAP has batteries that will save weight and space to let you focus on other upgrades. Tomioka Racing lightweight batteries offer significant weight savings with high cold cranking amps for use in high-stress applications. An STM small battery kit will give you maximum amperage in a compact package, weighing as little as five pounds in their race package.

Moving the battery away from its stock position is another way to create space in the engine bay. Our car battery mounting kits will allow you to shift the battery elsewhere in the engine compartment or even to the trunk of your car, giving you room for upper intercooler pipes, oil catch pans and other parts. Battery positioning can also affect your car’s weight balance, center of gravity and other characteristics, making it an important adjustment tool at your disposal.

If your vehicle has been in storage or you accidentally left the lights on overnight, a premium battery charger will get it working as good as new. We also have tie down rods, insulation kits, replacement battery terminals and other components. If a part only has one job, it had better do it well, which is why gearheads have trusted MAP since 2006 for everything from Evo X parts to battery trays. Check out our selection today so your car will always start on command.

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