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Why We Race & Other Love Stories...

Our Story

Our humble background started out with a group of friends in high school. Each of them had different automotive inspirations, but they were all brought together by building and modifying their cars, constantly pushing them to be faster. Among the group of friends, a stand out combination began to take shape. Chris Carey soon found himself at the wheel of a 4G63T turbocharged Mitsubishi with Kyle Nelson providing the expertise to build, maintain and push the powerplant further than conventionally possible. With Kyle constantly under the hood, Chris developed a skill for locating hard to find and desirable parts. Several seasons later, the two partners had developed a reputation for making smaller turbo charged vehicles extremely powerful and very fast.

With success came experience and over those first years, the realization of their frustrations they felt from the industry they loved began to form an idea. Suppliers and vendors were slow to reply and would often not answer their phones. Tracking requests would go unacknowledged and project planning was in a constant state of disarray as waiting for packages without notice became normal. Customer service in the industry was lacking and it was from that spark of defiance, an inspiration took place.

MAPerformance was born in the summer of 2006 with no customer base, no formal business plan, and no corporate support. Just two friends committed to enhancing the customer experience through fair pricing, comprehensive offerings, and expert advice from passionate enthusiasts that honestly want to help.

Core Values

Enhance the Customer Experience

Our passion, drive, and momentum revolve around the experience of our customers. It is our purpose, the entire foundation on which Modern Automotive Performance was built, Enhancing the Customer Experience. We are likeminded performance vehicle enthusiasts that provide outstanding customer service: every person, every product, every order, every time. The bottom line for all our decisions is our customer experience.

Work Smarter

We strive to be masters in efficiency and automation, leveraging technology whenever possible. We are early adapters of new technology, applying automated processes wherever possible. Working smarter requires creativity, and meticulous organization. We work smarter to be more productive because we want to create the most value for our customers.

Be Driven

We not only want to work smarter, but we also work harder. Our team is made up of individuals who go above and beyond to get stuff done. We are dedicated and dependable. Our goal is to assist our customers to build their driving dreams, by being the most driven team on the track. At Modern Automotive Performance, the “bare minimum” is never enough for our customers.

Embrace the Pitcrew Mentality

We aren’t a team at Modern Automotive Performance, we are a pitcrew. We rely on each other to perform our jobs exceptionally, because every job is important. Modern Automotive Performance is made up of a group of passionate performance vehicle enthusiasts working together for a common goal. If we want to make performance dreams a reality for all our customers, we need our pitcrew.

Do More with Less

We create high quality products and solutions with the same bootstrapped mentality upon which our company was founded. From a dusty garage with borrowed tools, to a building expansion plan for a new facility, we have never lost our desire to do more with less. Our employees remember the humble beginnings of MAP, and even through our growth, we operate like a scrappy start-up. We are resourceful, every employee takes personal responsibility for the growth of the company, and we measure equity in sweat not dollars.