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Our LOUD! Summer Days

& Crazy Summer nights

Who We Are

The dawn of the automobile was ushered in by the tinkerers, the mechanically inclined, the innovators and the gear heads. Working on cars was a job, a career or a hobby, but for many, it became a passion, fueling the imagination and dreams of anyone who dared to pick up a wrench. You are not alone. MAPerformance is proud to be able participate in making those dreams come true.

MAP is proud to support, and participate in the following events:

  • MAPerformance Proving Grounds.1 - June 2020
  • MAPerformance Proving Grounds.2 - Sept. 12th-15th 2020
  • Drive Cartel Cars & Craft - select Saturdays throughout 2020

Dreams To Reality

MAPerformance is an organization of car enthusiasts that believe in our community. The success of our company can be traced, not to the successes of our actions or our decisions, but to the customers that chose to support us. We find ourselves humbled by the support and encouragement they offer and with gratefulness in our hearts, we developed a program designed to give back to the community that has been there to make our business the success that it is.

With that in mind, in 2017, MAPerformance launched the Dreams to Reality program. This program is designed to seek out deserving candidates in our specific communities, and literally make their dreams come true by helping them complete project goals that they might otherwise have been incapable of realizing. We plan to continue this program in 2018, in the hopes of completing two projects for deserving recipients.

If you are interested, you can learn more about the program Here

Boost for a Cure

We all have been affected or know someone who has been affected by cancer. Every year, millions of new cases are diagnosed and hundreds of thousands will lose their battle with this devastating disease. In 2010, our small group of friends, employees, relatives, affected by this disease in a variety of profound ways, decided to take whatever stand they could. Starting from an idea, Boost for a Cure began to take form.

Starting with a group of car enthusiasts, the original concept involved our dyno, and as many cars as we could gather for a small car show. These days, this event raises over 30k per year with thousands of attendees participating in the auctions, enjoying the food, or simply spectating the car show. All proceeds are donated in the hopes that this effort will provide a positive outlet for those who have been affected in such a way that their contribution matters.