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So Much More Room For Activities!

Bigger, Better, and More Fun!

Our Direction

In 2018 we invested in a Human Resource Professional to make our culture the utmost priority. Our hiring and promotion processes are based on our core values, which shape our culture. Employees are encouraged to continue personal development through our education reimbursement program. MAP also supports leadership development through our in-house Leadership Development Program which stimulates growth in leadership skills. Our employees share a passion for the performance automotive industry, we bring fun to the forefront of our mission. In recognition of that we provide space in our facility that our employees are able to regularly use for personal automotive projects. We also provide training for safe usage of company tools and equipment.

In addition to this we have a culture team that consists of employee volunteers who meet regularly and discuss company culture. This team also helps provide input, direction and planning of company activities. We have an employee of the month program, the nominees of which are those who have best exemplified our core values and are selected and voted upon by employees themselves.

Job Creation

We live where we work, and our community is important to us. Through our expansion, our local grassroots pitcrew is growing. By the year 2020, Modern Automotive Performance projects the addition of 21 full-time positions to our pitcrew, creating 21 new job opportunities for our community. We participate in local high school career fairs to encourage our community to develop trade skills, as well as support our local trad-workforce community. We also partner with a local community-based program that emphasizes employment for individuals who need support while pursuing transition goals for independent living. Because we have been able to make so many automotive dreams become a reality, we can expand our pitcrew in our own neighborhood.

Our Expansion

In 2018, Modern Automotive Performance doubed the size of our entire building footprint. The new building featured a 25,000 sqft parts warehouse along with furnishing to accommodate the existing 55 employees plus provide room for the projected 100 employee total predicted to be required by 2025.