When it comes to performance, having the right fuel and fueling system is vital. You probably won’t become a great athlete if you eat potato chips and drink root beer at every meal, and your new engine parts won’t perform up to snuff if they aren’t getting the juice they need. More power requires more fuel, and you’re looking to replace worn-out parts or install an entirely new setup, our fuel system components and additives will keep your engine well-fed at all times.

On any car, it’s critical to have the right air/fuel mixture, as being too lean or too rich can cause your engine to run flat or not even start. Our “plug and play” fuel injectors from Injector Dynamics, Cobb Tuning and other top brands are designed to work with everything from Hondas to Subaru’s. Not only will they get more fuel to your engine, but they also provide dynamic information for automatic fuel mixture tuning. Dirty fuel will cause combustion issues as well, and installing premium aftermarket fuel lines and fuel filters will keep your engine clean. We also have fuel rails, fuel pressure regulators, fuel pumps and every other component you may need.

If you’re looking for more beyond what ordinary pump gasoline can do, MAPerformance can help you there as well. Our nitrous systems will give you a shot of speed with the push of a button, while being cheaper and easier to install than a cold air intake. We also offer premium gasoline racing fuel concentrate, along with drums of ethanol racing fuel for championship on-track performance. You can even convert to a water/methanol injection system if you’re really serious about beating out the competition.

Both humans and cars run better when they have energy to burn, and the experts at MAP will help your car use fuel more efficiently and powerfully. Evo X and Ecoboost Mustang owners will especially love our hand-picked auxiliary fuel systems designed to get more fuel to the engine. Contact us today or use our fitment tool to learn what parts are right for your vehicle.