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Nitrous Systems, Kits & Accessories

Nitrous Express Proton Plus Nitrous System W/ 10lb Bottle (20421-10)


Nitrous Express Pressure Gauge - 0-1500 PSI (15508)

$28.92 $32.13
You Save 10% ($ 3.21)

Nitrous Express Heavy Duty Automatic Bottle Heater - 4AN 14 AMPS (15940)


CryO2 Stainless Steel Braided Hose 14ft. 4an F x 4an F by DEI

$57.54 $76.71
You Save 25% ($ 19.17)

CryO2 Stainless Steel Braided Hose 1ft. 4an F x 1/8 npt male by DEI

$19.52 $26.02
You Save 25% ($ 6.50)

CryO2 Stainless Steel Braided Hose 2ft. 4an F x 1/8 npt male by DEI

$27.61 $36.82
You Save 25% ($ 9.21)

CryO2 Stainless Steel Braided Hose 3ft. 4an F x 1/8 npt male by DEI

$25.78 $34.37
You Save 25% ($ 8.59)

Replacement 2.4" touch screen programmer for use w/ Mini 2-Stage Nitrous Controller 25974NOS. (25973NOS)



$29.95 $33.28
You Save 10% ($ 3.33)

Turbochargers and superchargers are great for extended performance and distance competition – but when you need a quick horsepower boost for street drags or track days, you can’t do better than nitrous. (Just ask anyone from The Fast and the Furious.) By increasing the fuel burn rate, nitrous oxide systems provide immediate, temporary and safe power and torque gains, while being both cheaper and easier to install than forced induction systems. Adding nitrous to carbureted or fuel-injected engines will give you the quarter-mile surge you need. With MAP’s selection of nitrous systems and upgrade kits, you’ll always have more in the tank whether you’re running for pink slips or pride.

Our universal nitrous system kits include bottles, solenoids, hoses and everything else you need for lag-free power. For street racers looking for a small boost, the Zex Safe Shot nitrous system dry kit will surprise the competition and can be upgraded later to a full-power system. More serious racers will love the single-stage Nitrous Express EFI wet kit that can add up to 150whp and comes with a 10 lb. bottle. And if you want to keep your ace up your sleeve, the Edelbrock concealed nitrous kit installs in minutes for dyno-proven gains hidden out of sight. Of course we also have systems from NOS (no, not the energy drink) if you’re looking for the nitrous pioneer.

We also have a variety of installation, mounting and upgrade accessories. In addition to essentials such as stainless steel braided hoses and pressure gauges, you can also get bottle heaters, fuel chilling systems and a dual nitrous bottle bracket to really get a boost. All of these components are ready to ship today, and any order over $199 ships absolutely free so you have more to spend on your system. Call, email or use the live-chat feature to get advice from our in-house gearheads who spend their days working on cars and are eager to pass that knowledge along to you.

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