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Great Intake

This is a very nice part. I actually swapped out another big name intake for this one and im happy with the result. The install was pretty easy but it is a tight fit. Running the coolant and vaccuum lines was not too bad but I wish they did include another 4in or so of the vaccuum line. I cut mine to have a little slack on one side and that made the other to short to use. The cast housing for the MAF and EVAP Purge fitting is great and one major reason I decided to get this intake. The other great thing is that you can remove the filter super easy to clean it. No need to disassemble anything like some competitors. Sound is great and performance seems about the same coming from another aftermarket intake. Really Happy with this purchase. Thanks MAPerformance for another quality part.

Good quality

Nice gaskets, they are thicker and nicer than the ones that came with my hot side.

happy with my turbo guard

does the job, very easy to install, looks good.

Down Pipes with High flow Cats

Great looking Cats with really clean welds. Excited to get them installed, I know they are going to perform well. Also wanted to mention super fast shipping.

Great upgrade.

After a rebuild these are a must. Fast shipping and awesome quality as always.

Extremely happy with how my block was built.

For a long time I struggled to find a trust worthy company to build a solid block for me. After reaching out to MAP I realized these guys are my best option, they're very honest and have the best customer service, they answered so many questions I had, then helped me get the best build possible for my budget. Very satisfied.

Every gasket you need.

This is a must for a rebuild. Quality parts.

Got tired of the ticking.

These are awesome for the price. Great quality. MAP got them to me very fast.

Great quality.

Needed this as I'm doing full rebuild on the car. Big upgrade from OEM. Came very well packaged and not a scratch on it. Shipping was fast as well. Thanks MAP.

Lightweight Quality

Perfect quality, looks good, will help to shave off couple of pounds from my build where it really matters


Love this valve plate. Solid quality, super easy to install and makes my Civic Si make happy sounds!

Good part

High quality part and fittings. Used this to replace the no longer manufactured fuel pressure dampener on my ‘87 porsche 924S. Works well and is pretty heavy duty. I would not hesitate to use this on other applications.

Just right

Paired these with a set of RPF1's for my Evo X and couldn't be happier.

I was pleasantly surprised in the packaging. The box was foam lined and each nut/lock had its own home. It was nice to see that attention to detail when receiving the package.

The nuts and locks fit as they should and complement the wheels.

Great fit and look

Very happy with the look and fitment of these wheels on my 2008 Evo X

Fitment: +15 fit just right and cleared the front brakes as expected. The forums were not wrong when I was researching the best fit.

Rubbing: I am lowered on a set of Fortune 500 and there is no issue with steering. However, it is important to roll/pull at least the rear fender as there will be significant rubbing when going over bumps (the significance is subjective, I know).

Colour: I decided to try out the SBC finish instead of the standard colours and was impressed. The SBC creates a "dark shift" in terms of the reflection based on the surrounding area. If the environment is bright, the wheels are more silver, but when in low light or similar, they become a very dark silver, almost "black chrome".

Tires: I got a good deal on some General G-Max (265/35/R18) and they bulge a little.

I am happy with the purchase and would recommend to other owners. I was suspect on whether I would truly enjoy the look as opposed to something like the NT03's, but seeing them on the car, I am no longer worried.

Looks great and works great.

Install was very easy and everything you need is supplied. I love the OLED screen for a modern look and the gauge is fast. Very happy I spent a little more on a quality gauge and MAPerformance had the best price and fast shipping.

Map stock Stage 1 review

I spent a fair amount of time looking at the Cobb maps and reading feedback on other sites that eventually lead me to rav review for maperformance OTS tunes.

There are people that like the stock tune over Cobb and there's a lot of talk about the Cobb tune making the car more drivable. After trying the Cobb tune and Maperformance, I fully understand these reviews

The Cobb tune's linear approach sacrifices low end torque and fast boost spikes for a stronger upper end power band. You probably gain MPG's with the sluggish lower end power you spend in your day to day driving.

The stock tune is great for lower end immediate response for passing cars. It's forgiving for those that don't want to downshift all the time to feel that boost at a wider or a more daily driver type of RPM range. The problem is the burst is short lived. The car dies out and high RPM's, and the fun is over, forcing early gear shifts.

Going from Stock to Cobb is a total trade off. The low end boost is gone. The torque curve has moved to the right in the RPM band. It doesn't matter if you plant your foot, the low end torque takes a bit of a hit. The hit is notable and a let down. What you gain in the higher RPM range is not where your daily driving is at. I could understand feedback of wanting to go back to stock. You also gain boost consistency with Cobb, with the stock tune feeling like a bit of a mystery to get it to boost up every time you want it to. There are feedback threads out there where people feel like they can't get the stock tune to feel the same boosting up, which leaves performance peeps annoyed with the inconsistent power.

Cobb's Dyno chart show's no drop in the low end on their site, Map's dyno chart shows it clear as day. I now trust Map's dyno graphs after feeling the results myself.

This is where Map's tune comes in. I've never read complaints about wanting to go back to stock on the Map tune. While I can notice the torque curve has moved and the stock tune still gets a very small edge for that low end torque (Even Map's dyno charts show this is true just a little, credit to Map for honesty), almost all of the low end power is back along with a stronger top end power band that beats out Cobb's tune.

This provides a more complete RPM band for making power and holding that power on the MAP tune.

After feeling like I traded off too much with the Cobb tune, the Map tune brought my smile back. I no longer feel like there's a trade off, all upside except for my MPG. I probably drive more aggressively now.

The stage 2 torque curve for Map's stage 2 kit looks great. Nice stable torque that holds though the RPM band, leading to a stable rise in HP as RPM's go up. This is what a dyno should look like. If Map's honesty holds, i'll look forward to feeling it when I go with their stage2+

I'm a second time WRX owner going through the upgrade process a 2nd time. I sold my stage 3, 10 years ago.

Advice to others.

Stage 3 is horrible, do not get a FMIC, the turbo lag isn't worth it. Smaller 2.0 engine + bigger turbo + FMIC =turbo lag so bad it doesn't matter what your peak power is anymore. No need to upgrade to stage 3 or swap out turbo's if you want a drivable car. Stay at stage 2+ and enjoy a wide power band for making power, the ability to make a track car and still use it as a daily driver. Stage 2 clutches are horrible too. These clutches are meant for launching, not for the McDonalds drive through where they get torn up trying to slip the clutch at 4K RPM.

I love that I don't see stage3 rotated mount FMIC kits out there for the new WRX's unless I'm blind. Perhaps the community learned it's lesson. I'm 10 years out of touch with the times.

Looking forward to doing the build right this time.



Got it based on all the good reviews

Greatest modification ever

The install was difficult, but worth it. I love the sound. Loud but not obnoxious, no drone. One of the best parts was the MAP tune, ten time better than the Cobb one.

Love it

It sounds nice but louder than my liking May be it still to new and it hasn't settle yet just have it on 2 weeks over all have a great looks on my car that for sure

Fantastic looking Superior Strength

Fantastic looking Superior Strength.!
MAP, amazingly, attentive sales.
Fast Turn - a - round time.

Secure. Highly performance parts. with class & Superior strength.


Sounds strong, works great with gas havent tried e85 yet as i have other things to do to the car first. Was running 11# of boost at 45psi fuel pressure and it never leaned out. It will supply way more than my car can use. Great product great purchasing experience.


The exhaust sounds amazing on WRX especially with a downpipe

Amazing product

This upgrade has been a night and day upgrade. Easy to install.