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Love the whoosh...

It’s why we have turbo cars. I love the sounds. It does show me some fine knocks... but still not sure to this day if it’s the intake’s fault. I periodically get 1.44 on my feedback knock. Anyway.. easy install even if you’re new to modding. MAP very kindly throws in a tune with it. I have the Rev2, so far no problems other than scaring pedestrians when I rev by. Kwooooosh!! Pssstttt. Pretty straight forward install. Build quality is great! I love the result.

Nice piece

Pretty straight forward install. Build quality is great! I love the result. It enabled me to install the official WRX plate delete. Very happy with it.

Awesome little product!

Easy to install... pretty straight forward. I installed this because I like the offset look of the plate. Plus it allowed me to put on my official WRX license plate delete. Handsome result. I painted the Perrin frame gold on mine. It’s purrdy.

Must for your subie

.. I’m echoing everyone that had purchased this. It just makes your car way better. MPG is increased, handling and response is better, you get instruments and monitoring power, ability for e- and pro tunes, come on. For the functions that you get 700 plus is completely justified. Had it one for half a year, it’s improved everything I can tell about the car. Get it, only if you like things to be better.

Love it!

A little pricey I feel like but definitely worth the buy. I have a 2019 Civic Si and it was a bit of a pain to install and did take me a while and help was nice to have from my roommate half way though. I have noticed a slight performance change but the sound you get inside the car is very nice now.

more torque better miles per gallon 2017 civic turbo sedan

my torque was 285 foot lbs with mish cold ac and 6 psi hondata its 320 with intercooler . i have a much wider torque curve .my fuel miles per gallon went from 42 to 44 mpg if i stay out of boost .i have raced a 333hp audi and subaru sti .i loved my civic with this combo.i highly suggest using lighter wheels than stock.packaged very well and fitment with hoses was perfect.


Car stays cooler and it’s easy to tell from the gages the only hard part of install was getting the bolt on the cylinder head to break loose other than that was very simple 10/10 would recommend this product

Great replacement

Great replacement for stock wastegate

Best thing you can do for your car

The MAPerformance stage 1 tunereally depicts how the cat should have come from the factory. If you’re looking for improved drivability, more responsiveness and a bit more power, here is the first step to attaining that.

MAP delivers in the clutch!

I needed a PRL front pipe to complete my 3” turbo back. PRL’s quality is top notch, and MAP’s Black Friday deals coupled with my loyalty points earned definitely made this product I could get anywhere else. Will always support MAP. Thanks for always supporting us with great products and customer service. -JC 🇬🇺 🤙🏽

Do it!

10/10 would recommend! The turbo noises sound so amazing!

Just what I needed

With the Cobb intake and stage two map my knock and DAM were all over the place. Some days my DAM would drop to zero without going over 5psi. Now with the map intake and stage two map my DAM has stayed solid and no knock over -1.40. I regret not getting this map sooner. And at sport sharp this is a whole different car!


I bought this during the Black Friday sale and to me its the best exhaust on the market. Only took me about a hour to install it on my 15 sti by myself. Very fast shipping got it to my door in 2 days


Cobb for the WIN

I have recently switched from the subaru world, where cobb is a trusted name. While they are new to the game in VW, I wanted to support them. I am glad i did!

First Impressions

Like many have said online, the stock tune on the WRX is trash. Rev hang was atrocious and while I got used to it, it become apparent that I wanted it gone. After changing the map from stock, I realized the stock tune was meant for low-end torque and jumpy throttle, boosting at seemingly low RPMs. I got the AP on a Friday so I didn't get the MAP tune right away so I tried Cobb's 91 tune. It was a huge difference in low speed, low RPM driving. Rev hang gone and it felt more like driving a normal car, maybe even a drive-by-cable throttle. On the high end, it did get rid of the flat spot between 4k-5k but it didn't feel "fast". When I got the MAP 91 tune, I was slightly surprised there was a tiny bit of rev hang. It's not anywhere near stock but it was a tad noticeable coming from Cobb's. On the higher RPMs, especially after 4.5k, it feels like the car pulls forever. I'm not sure it's any faster but butt dyno says it's fun as hell. I haven't used the AP to monitor driving as I'm afraid I'll fall into the trap of being anxious all the time if the numbers aren't perfect. That said, I plan on talking to a mechanic and tuner to get some flex fuel action so this OTS tune will be temporary anyway. Good luck on your decision and the AP really is a purchase worth paying for in the long run if you decide to make any engine changes.

Flawless product!

Beautifully crafted and a smooth installation process. Only took 3 hours and feels very noticeably better than the plastic stock shifter assembly. Recommend this product to any 10'th gen owner to shift more confidently. Product came very fast and undamaged, don't regret buying this one!

Happy Spinny Boi

Love this intake and the quality of every piece. Very loud, you can hear it pulling in cold air on acceleration and honestly changes the driving experience. The install wasnt bad at all and can be done pretty quick, I think the hardest part for me was putting the heat shield on. I was on the edge between this intake and the AEM Intake, very glad I went with the amazing quality of MaPerformance

100% satisfied

Looks great, fits perfectly, awesome quality...I love it

Best mod

OMG I can’t even explain how much this Cobb AP will change your whole experience of your car an how many new things that you can change an add to make your car run an feel the way you desire.

Comes with so many tunes already on the AP, free updates from Cobb, can make so many adjustments.

Just hands down the best 675$ I spent for my 2017 Subaru wrx

Map tune

The tune is great super easy to install an as well as a great power gain but still perfect for a daily driver

2011 wrx cobb flex fuel kit

Easy enough process through MAPerformance. This kit has turned my wrx into a monster. I credit my tuner for the work as well but if you want too much torque then get this.

Good quality

My clutch is pretty hard to drive but it hive me that power

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