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Water/Methanol Injection Systems & Accessories

A lot of heat gets generated at high horsepower – you probably knew that already. But different parts have different “breaking points”, and you need to account for all of them if you don’t want a hunk of useless metal under your hood. When fuel gets hot enough, it can detonate before it’s supposed to – and if this happens too early in the compression stroke, it can destroy your entire engine. A water/methanol injection system offers an innovative solution, helping to keep gasoline cool until it’s time for the spark plugs to do their job. Adding injection systems and accessories from Modern Automotive Performance will help prevent premature detonation for a well-timed explosion of power.

Whether you need a Mitsubishi Evo X methanol system, a Subaru WRX methanol system, a turbo diesel system or anything in between, we have what you’re looking for at a great price. By spraying a mist of water and methanol on your engine’s cylinder charge, these systems lower the temperature of the combustion chamber and thus the fuel inside it. A water/methanol injection kit includes everything you need to enjoy high performance without needing racing gas to resist pre-ignition. We have both naturally aspirated engine systems and boost coolers from AEM, Snow Performance and other leading brands with reservoir tanks, pumps, lines, filters, fittings and all other components for installation.

Whether you’re ordering a new system or upgrading an existing one, we have a great inventory of water/methanol system accessories to choose from. Check out our oversized five-gallon reservoir tanks, monitoring systems, nozzle upgrades, throttle body adapters and other parts for staying cool enough to make maximum power. If you’re not sure what’s right’s for you, use our fitment tool or contact our in-house gearheads for expert advice. (And yes, they’d be happy to further explain the engine benefits of wood alcohol.) Order today for free, fast shipping on all of our water/methanol injection systems and take your competition to the woodshed.

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