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Mitsubishi Metal / MLS Head Gasket (DSM) - Modern Automotive Performance
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We can’t think of a single part that has to work harder than the head gasket. By forming a seal between the cylinder head and the engine block, it has to seal extremely hot pressure gases and your engine coolant. It does its job steadily, without complaint. And when it goes out, tears will likely well up in your eyes.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve seen time and again how a quality part will pay for itself in the damage it spares your engine. That’s why we carry a select line of head gaskets from manufacturers we trust, such as Brian Crower, Cosworth, Tomei, ARP, HKS and more. These are companies that use premium materials to handle the high heat of performance engines.

The Cosworth gaskets, for instance: The company uses individual die cut layers of stainless steel for smooth edges, then pre-coated with a .25 micron layer of rubber. That’s incredible precision for perfect performance. ARP combines in-line laser cutting and multi-stage embossing with layers that include fluoroelastomer for optimal resistance of extreme chemicals and temperatures. You’ll find similar innovations in the other companies’ products.

You’re investing a lot of money and work into adding power to your engine. All those upgrades result in higher temperatures. Because the head gasket is considered the weakest part of your engine, it’s worth investing in a quality gasket that can handle the extra energy. We’ll make that easy at MAPerformance with our steady stream of discounts and outstanding deals on shipping. We even have some packages that bundle the head gasket with high-performance head studs. You’ll have enough money left over for your next project.

Find out the difference MAPerformance can make for you. Our stellar customer service, low prices and fast shipping will help you ensure your engine lasts for many more miles.