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ACL Race Series Main Bearings (6 Bolt 1G DSM) 5M1144H - Modern Automotive Performance
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King XPG FA20/UU-GSE Main Bearings | 2012-2015 BRZ/FR-S/FT-86 (MB5745XPG) - Modern Automotive Performance
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ACL Race Main Bearings - Honda/Acura F23A1/H22A4/D16A1 STD - Modern Automotive Performance
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ACL Race Series Main Bearings (VQ35DE 350Z / G35) 4M2633H - Modern Automotive Performance
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How do you find the main bearing?

The main bearings, located in the piston engine, are responsible for holding onto and along rotation of the crankshaft. Main bearings usually take on two forms: plain or journal bearings held in place by bearing caps.

How do you know if your main bearings are bad?

If you hear a knocking sound when starting your car or idling, it’s likely that you’ll need new automotive replacement engine main bearings. 

When main bearings fail, the increased heat and metal contact can cause erosion of the crankshaft and connecting rods which will stop an engine from working.

Can you drive a car with a bad main bearing?

When it comes to bad main bearings in the piston engine, temporary light driving may be okay. If you continue to drive your car, the rod could come loose and break through the block, increasing your repair costs and time to fix the issue.

It’s best to replace your faulty main bearings with good-quality main bearings immediately. Your engine block will thank you! A good-quality main bearing goes the distance. 

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