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Pistons & Piston Kits – Forged Engine Internals

Controlled explosions. The two words seem like an oxymoron on the level of “sanitary landfill” or “business casual.” But that’s basically what’s going on in every vehicle that’s being driven. It’s amazing to think of the thousands of booms it takes to get us down the road, to our jobs or to our next race.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’re all about making those explosions just a little bit bigger, in order to give drivers more horsepower and performance. That means the components that go into engine improvements need to be able to handle the heat. That’s especially true of the parts that get contacted by each explosion: the pistons.

They are right there, feeling the fire, getting punched in the face with flame and coming back for more. That means durability is the biggest concern, because the piston also needs to keep its precise shape and ratio. The stock pistons in your car aren’t custom-crafted to give you a performance edge.

We’ve worked with so many products from so many different manufacturers and have found the absolute best ones for performance engines. Forged from the highest-quality materials, these pistons from manufacturers such as Manley Performance, Wiseco, Cosworth and Crawford Performance are crafted to add fuel efficiency, horsepower gains and detonation resistance. Put simply: They are made to handle the extra power you’re adding to your vehicle.

We’re fired up to tell you more about how aftermarket pistons can improve your engine. Our experienced motorheads will answer all your questions and address your most nitpicky concerns with pleasure, because we want to help protect your investment. You’ll also love our competitive prices and free shipping on qualifying items.

We believe in helping automotive dreams become reality, and every one of those dreams is grounded in a strong engine. The right pistons will push you as far as you want to go with more power.

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