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HKS Adjustable Cam Gear (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9) - Modern Automotive Performance
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ADJUSTABLE CAM GEAR RB26DETT/RB25DE(T)/RB20DE(T) EX by Tomei - Modern Automotive Performance
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ADJUSTABLE CAM GEAR RB26DETT/RB25DE(T)/RB20DE(T) IN by Tomei - Modern Automotive Performance
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Make adjustments in your torque or horsepower without cracking open your valve cover or messing with your engine’s computer with adjustable cam gears from Modern Automotive Performance.

Seriously, adjustable cam gears are that handy. Maybe if we did a different kind of research, we’d know who invented this ingenious device. But we’ve been too busy working on our favorite kind of research: Working on project cars and improving their performance. What we love about adjustable cam gears is that they let us make small adjustments to the intake and exhaust cams for a boost in horsepower, and we don’t have to start a major project to make the adjustments — they are relatively easy to get to.

Adjustable cam gears are just like any other aftermarket product, however: Not all are created equal. We’ve tested a lot of brands and found the ones we would trust in our own personal vehicles. Those are the brands we have for sale here. We’re talking about trusted names such as Brian Crower, Skunk2, Tomei, Fidanza and others. They are made from premium components such as billet aluminum, so they will handle the high heat in your engine bay.

They also feature laser etching and other clear, precise markings so that you can make accurate adjustments. They also come in a variety of eye-catching colors, so when it’s time for show, you can pop open your engine bay for splashes of color, yet still have peace of mind that high performance comes first.

Contact our staff of mechanics today, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about these amazing components, and some of the conditions you’ll need to monitor. That’s part of how we want to be your personal pit crew at Modern Automotive Performance: We don’t want to see you burn out or otherwise ruin your investment. And if adjustable cam gears aren’t something you want to try, we also offer standard cam gears that are built to outperform stock parts. You’ll also love our prices, great shipping and a Loyalty Rewards program that will help you tuck away money for your next upgrade.