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Exhaust Header Fabrication Components

If you want the perfect exhaust system for your vehicle, sometimes you have to make it yourself. We have built a lot of custom exhausts at MAP headquarters, and we know how satisfying it can be to create something that gains you time in the quarter mile and is a real looker off the track. We carry an assortment of exhaust header fabrication components for people who want to modify their existing system or build an all-new one that captures their unique personality. With hundreds of quality DSM performance parts and accessories, we are here to help you build an exhaust that will roar in more ways than one.

Like many vehicle projects, exhaust header fabrication almost always requires more parts and pieces than you initially thought it would. No matter what you need, you can find it at Modern Automotive Performance. We put our experience to work selecting the best stainless steel straight pipes, mandrel bend tubing, exhaust manifolds, mufflers, catback flanges, resonators and everything else needed to fabricate your exhaust system. A high-performance custom exhaust will give you better horsepower, acceleration and torque with just the right racing sound. Choose parts from top performance brands such as GrimmSpeed and Torque Solution or select parts designed and manufactured in our Minnesota shop with the MAP seal of approval.

Of course, getting the right exhaust fabrication components is only the first step. We know this type of project can be challenging, especially for first time do-it-yourselfers. If you have questions about either selecting the right parts or the actual process, you can call or email our shop to get expert exhaust fabrication tips from people who live and breathe custom cars. We have advice for determining the pipe angles you need (make cutouts using cardboard), marking cut lines on tubing (old seatbelts are surprisingly effective) and other shortcuts to save materials, time and headaches. And just as with all our performance automotive components, we will ship your exhaust fabrication parts the day you order them so you can get started on your dream exhaust system.

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