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Having a high-performance radiator won’t help much if you don’t have coolant circulating properly through the engine. A good set of silicone radiator hoses from Modern Automotive Performance will help water or antifreeze flow freely from the moment you fire up the engine. Strong enough to tolerate high temperatures and pressures, yet flexible enough to navigate through the nooks and crannies of the engine compartment, these coolant hoses will give you a distinct advantage at any speed. Install new radiator hoses now so the only overheating you’ll do is to the competition when they see your time splits.

Our online store has dozens of radiator hose kits for the Mitsubishi Evolution, Dodge Neon SRT-4, Subaru WRX and other sport sedans that you need to stay cool. OEM hoses are good replacement parts for street driving and will handle highway speeds on a 100-degree summer day with ease. If you’re looking to lead the pack on the race or rally circuit, we stock performance radiator hoses from Mishimoto, Samco Sport, GrimmSpeed and other industry leaders. Each set of upper, lower and overflow line hoses is economically-shaped to get coolant where it needs to go without wasting engine bay space. They are also an exact OEM fit so installation couldn’t be easier.

Modern Automotive Performance has the lowest possible price on all radiator hoses and accessories we carry. In addition to full kits, we sell individual coolant hoses and induction hoses for turbochargers. If you’ve made modifications to the engine, a radiator hose extension pipe will fill any gaps. Want to add some style. Get a black WRX hose, a blue EVO hose kit or even a clear radiator hose by choosing your favorite color at check-out. Don’t get hosed on your cooling system — get the right ones the first time with the help of our experts. Leave a review and you’ll receive additional points towards our Loyalty Rewards program on top of what you earned from your order.