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KTuner Flash V2 Touch | Multiple Honda/Acura Fitments (KTunerFLEU-V2)


KTuner Flash V1.2 | Multiple Honda/Acura Fitments (KTunerFLEU-V1.2)


Gain complete control over your Honda or Acura model engine’s settings with KTuner ECU research and development solutions from Modern Automotive Performance.

Our mechanics at Modern Automotive Performance have decades of collective experience working on cars, and a big part of their jobs is hunting for ways to unlock an engine’s hidden potential. A car bought off the showroom floor is riddled with limits and barriers that block horsepower boosts and performance efficiency.

While many of those limits can be found in stock parts, a majority of them rest in one small component: The engine control module. That small computer contains all the standards for things such as air-fuel mixtures, emissions and so much more. These standards are important for driving on highways and other public roads, but if you are planning on taking your project to the track, then they hold you back for no good reason.

KTuner lets you hack into the matrix of your Civic, Accord, Integra or other late-model J, K, L and R series, and take command of crucial settings that give you a competitive edge. The software gives you control for better throttle response, reduced turbo lag, improved torque on the low end and midrange and a smoothed boost curve. When you’re done at the track or off-road, you can easily switch back to factory settings for street-legal driving without the use of a laptop computer.

If you’re looking for ways to push your Honda or Acura past factory limits, contact our staff of gearheads today. Tell us what you drive and how you want to drive it. We’ll help you figure out how a KTuner flash module can help you accomplish your driving goals. We want to be your personal pit crew at Modern Automotive Performance. That means we’ll answer all of your most detailed questions, address your concerns and share tips and tricks we picked up so that you can install your new KTuner successfully and use it like an expert.

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