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KYB AGX Adjustable shocks: 90-94 Eclipse (Front Pair) - Modern Automotive Performance
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Improve your handling by tightening up your suspension with new shocks and struts from Modern Automotive Performance.

Our gearheads have decades of experience upgrading performance vehicles and testing them out on all kinds of tracks. We can tell you from experience that there is no such thing as a perfectly smooth driving surface.

Every track we’ve been on has had its share of little dips and bumps. It can’t be helped: The ground underneath the pavement has a mind of its own. No matter how small they are, they can cause a wobble on your vehicle that alters your steering and handling.

Even though shocks and struts aren’t connected directly to the engine, they have a big influence on it. A strong performance suspension system helps keep your vehicle moving smoothly, without extra movement that has to be corrected. It helps keep you smooth when the road is not, meaning you can negotiate turns better. A strong suspension system also helps keep you stable when the wind picks up, challenging your aerodynamics.

But the biggest reason for upgrading your struts isn’t outside the car: As you work on adding more horsepower to your engine so that you can take off from the line as fast as possible, performance struts will keep your vehicle from ripping itself apart when the green lights switch on.

A good suspension system is critical for extending the life of your project, and at Modern Automotive Performance, we offer the industry’s best brands of shocks and struts, such as Feal Suspension, Steeda Autosports, Tokico and Cusco, to protect your investment and improve your times.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ll strut about our reputation for excellent customer service. It’s rooted in our pit crew mentality: We want to help you reach your automotive goals with great prices, outstanding shipping rates and making our mechanics available to you for help.