Popular Applications

There are a lot of things coursing through your vehicle’s veins when you take to the track. Leaks or ruptures of oil, fuel, coolant, brake fluid and even air can mean a quick end to track day. At Modern Automotive Performance, we have a wide selection of performance fittings and hoses to keep fluids going where they need to be. We may not be doctors, but we know the importance of good blood flow, and we are committed to offering high-quality parts and accessories to keep the right pressure in your vehicle.

Fittings are critical for connecting lines and hoses to larger parts, and you don’t want to fall by the wayside because you scrimped on an already inexpensive part. Choose from push lock vacuum fittings for air intakes, water jacket fittings, oil drain flanges, tube sleeve fittings and more to save you from expensive repairs later. We also have swivel hose fittings and angled fittings for flexibility in running your lines. A variety of thread sizes are available, from 6an hose fittings to 20an adapters, you can find something for your needs.

Those fittings need a good hose to attach to, and performance hoses and lines will transport fluids and air more efficiently while resisting punctures and wear. Our oil feed line kits include stainless steel flexible hoses designed for the heat and intensity of high-performance engines. Your engine will take in more air than ever with a polyethylene or silicone vacuum hose that won’t collapse, swell or crack when you get on the gas pedal. We also have heater hoses, fuel hoses, water hoses and even multipurpose nylon flex hoses.

Modern Automotive Performance has been a leader in aftermarket performance parts since 2007, and while we may not be doctors, we have parts from Squirrelly, Goodridge, Russell Performance, STM and other leading brands to keep your vehicle in top shape. All in-stock parts in our vast inventory are eligible for same-day shipping to get them in your hands quickly. If you have questions about what fittings and hoses are right for you, call or email our resident gearheads for assistance finding the right fit. 

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