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Mud Flaps & Underpanels

Unless you somehow end up on your lid in the pucker brush, most people are never going to see the underside of your chassis. But even though this area is hidden from sight, it’s still an important aspect vehicle care. When you’ve put so much time and effort into your car, the last thing you want is for everything to get caked in dirt and crud as you drive. Furthermore, the nooks and crannies between various components can create air turbulence at high speeds that drastically affects handling and stability. Our mud flaps and underpanels are built for serious competition and extreme conditions that people will (hopefully) never see coming.

Mud flaps may not make you go faster or turn better, but when you’re slinging through the bogs at your next rally, both your car and spectators will appreciate not being hit by mud and flying debris. RallyArmor mud flaps are made from strong polyurethane for maximum coverage with a subtle look, and will endure the elements in any season. With high impact resistance and easy installation, they’ll protect your car’s tires and underside from rocks and debris that could otherwise cause punctures and failures.

Beatrush aluminum underpanels and SSP undertrays provide additional protection along with superior performance compared to stock plastic panels. The smoother airflow of these track-tested components reduces turbulence and increases downforce, improving stability and predictability so you can hammer down with confidence. Furthermore, specialized slits help draw hot air out of the engine at speed for a cooler, more powerful ride. Side panels are also available for select vehicles to enhance these impressive effects.

If you’re wondering what automotive mud flaps and underpanels are right for you, just call or email our shop, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions. We’ll also ship our competitively-priced components the same day so you’ll have them in time for your next event. We just hope you’ll never have the chance to give a visual display of your underpanels when you’re still in the driver’s seat.

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