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Even the best street cars have some play in the body and chassis for adaptability. But this can be a serious performance and safety detriment on the track – and the engine and suspension modifications you’ve made add even more strain to these parts. Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, a car that’s always flexing isn’t a good thing. The shifting alignment and metal fatigue can shake a car to pieces – or worse, cause it to cave right in from hard impact. That’s why we carry high-quality roll cages and chassis braces designed for intense competition.

There are plenty of things to make your hair stand on end at a track – high speeds, close-quarters action, cold hot dogs, etc. – without feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster whenever you dive into the dogleg. Our selection of chassis braces and supports increase your car’s rigidity and reduce slop, improving stability and handling. With front member braces, strut tower braces, trunk bars, side braces, bumper support bars and other items, you can be more aggressive knowing your car is up to the challenge.

When you’re driving harder, the crashes are harder, and you’ll need additional protection beyond what the factory bracing can provide. Our race roll cages and race roll bars will maintain the structural integrity of the driver’s compartment if you end up on your lid, while still allowing the body and suspension to absorb impact. Each four-point roll bar setup is form-fit for specific car models, and installs with no welding or roof-cutting. You can also get a bolt-in harness bar to keep high G-forces from pushing you around in the cockpit.

Very few people like chassis turnover, and even fewer like entire car turnovers. (Apple turnovers, on the other hand, are delicious.) Our roll cages and chassis braces from top manufacturers reduce the effects of both for safe, stable driving. Our great prices and fast shipping make great performance affordable, and our expert service is a big part of why we’ve been an industry leader for a decade and counting. Call or email our resident gearheads today for assistance finding the right cages and braces for you.