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Exhaust System Manifolds, Headers

Air is power. Just take a breath to feel for yourself. A few deep breaths add more air to your blood, giving you energy, strength and focus. You can test this for yourself: Do any standard stretch, such as a back bend. When you get to your limit, take a deep breath in, then out. You’ll find that as you exhale, you’ll stretch past the point of your limit. Cool, huh?

Performance drivers know that gas isn’t the magic substance that makes everything work. It’s air. As the pistons are driven by repeated controlled explosions, a continued airflow keeps the fires fresh. It’s important to get that stale exhaust fumes out of the engine and make room for more fresh air.

A set of performance manifolds or headers will help your engine breathe like never before. Most stock options aren’t made for performance. Because they suck out exhaust slowly, it’s basically asthma for your engine.

Our manifolds and headers are the perfect inhaler for that asthma attack. We’ve spent years looking at parts, and even started making our own, with one goal in mind: Ensuring we offer the highest quality parts to give your vehicle the best performance possible. The systems we fabricate in-house, and many of the parts we offer, are forged from 304 stainless steel for excellent durability and resistance to corrosion. Instead of a cheap pressure crushing, each curve features Mandrel bending for smooth airflow.

Our staff of gearheads has decades of experience working with performance driving, and can answer your questions about what system works best for you. At Modern Automotive Performance, we have an industry-leading reputation for customer service, from low prices to fast shipping. It doesn’t matter what kind of turbo charging you use, or whether you prefer a high-flow catalytic converter or test pipe. Your engine is the muscle that’s making all the work possible, and if it can’t breathe right, nothing else matters.


ATP SRT4 - Turbo Manifold


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B&B Exhaust Long Tube Headers (Cadillac CTS-V 04-07)

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