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Automotive batteries are built to deliver a charge in the most extreme environments. That means they keep their power when at rest and while hanging out next to your hot engine, which is probably hotter than most engines because we know all about how adding horsepower also adds heat.

A good battery cover or insulator is an inexpensive way to prolong battery life in your vehicle, whether it’s a daily driver or a project racer. Some of these products are standard operating equipment for vehicles in the U.S. military. Made to slip right over the battery, they install easily and add miles and miles of performance. At Modern Automotive Performance, we carry some OEM options and some aftermarket upgrades that you’ll love.

We offer outstanding shipping rates that get even better when you hit certain spending levels. A good battery insulator will help you get over that hump, and will help keep your battery strong and healthy. Not a bad two-fer, in our view.