MAPerformance Equal Length Header | 2013-2024 Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86 / Scion FR-S (BRZ86-2G-ELH)

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2013+ BRZ / GR86 / FR-S Equal Length Header by MAPerformance

Unlock the true potential of your 2022 BRZ or 86 with the MAPerformance Equal Length Header. Specifically engineered to cure the notorious torque dip, this header is a testament to innovative design and cutting-edge engineering.

Designed with pulse tuning, we meticulously crafted this exhaust manifold to enhance resonance at 4000 rpm, effectively boosting torque where it's needed most. The result? Smoother, more powerful acceleration that transforms your driving experience.

Using advanced CFD technology and 3D metal printing, we refined the header design through dozens of revisions. The final product features 2" primaries that fit seamlessly under the OEM oil pan and over the OE skid plate, with careful attention to minimize turbulence and maximize flow efficiency.

To address flow separation into the catalytic converter, we implemented a curved airfoil, significantly reducing flow losses and enhancing overall performance. This unique feature ensures that exhaust gasses flow smoothly, reducing back pressure and optimizing power output without the need for additional tuning.

The cast collector is made from high-grade stainless steel and welded to mandrel bent stainless runners. The header fits up to the OEM overpipe flange, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

Dyno tested and verified, this header not only sounds incredible – reminiscent of classic race car exhaust notes – but also delivers substantial power gains. Experience the satisfaction of improved throttle response and a more exhilarating drive.


  • Hand TIG welded in our Wisconsin facility
  • Precision made stainless flanges to prevent warping
  • Crafted from 304 stainless steel
  • Flat sanded flanges to ensure a leak free design


  • Ease of Installation
  • Excellent exhaust tone
  • Increased flow and performance
  • Built with aerodynamic components in mind, clearing factory floor pans.


  • 2013+ Subaru BRZ
  • 2013-2021 Toyota GT86
  • 2021+ Toyota GR86
  • 2013-2016 Scion FR-S

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - MAP ELH Header
  • 1 - MAP Header to Front Pipe Adaptor
  • 1 - 3" V-Band Clamp
  • 10 - M10x1.25 Flange Nut
  • 3 OEM Gaskets (2 manifold to head, and 1 from manifold to over pipe).


  • MAPerformance Limited Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Torque dip be gone!

Absolutely fantastic build quality. Install was relatively painless. As others have mentioned, you will need a swivel extension for the middle nut on the drivers side head. With the stock exhaust the added growl and throaty sound are still somewhat perceptible, and I'm sure will only get better once a cat-back is added. The car now pulls smoothly throughout the rev range and feels much more natural. Even without a tune the gains are quite easily felt and it's much more enjoyable now that I don't feel the need to drive around the torque dip. As much as I don't like the cliche, it should have come like this from the factory!

Jack Hall
MAPerformance EL 2023 GR86 install

This piece looks great with the unique collector and welded tubes coming off of it! Simply un installed the Oem header which wasn’t to hard at all, you’ll need a ratchet, 14mm deep socket and an extension, Installed the MAPerformance header the same way the oem came off! The only tricky part I came across reinstalling is accessing the middle nut between the 2 tubes on the driver side, make sure you have a swivel 14mm for this part. Header to engine block studs get tightened to 22 ft/lbs. Also when installing the V-band to over pipe adapter keep the 2 bolts going into the over pipe slightly loose till you’re sure the v-band connection is tight and secure, Initial thoughts on cold start I could instantly hear the exhaust note gained some depth and throatiness! I also noticed during stationary revs it sounds like it gets through the mid rpm range faster than stock, my car has a HKS Hipower single exit and this combo together sounds so nice, not obnoxious but it gives the car the grunt it deserves from factory! Now to drive it and dyno it, will update then:)