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Tial Wastegates

Though it’s technically an upgrade, a turbocharger can also be upgraded. Blow off valves and wastegates can help that turbocharger do its job more efficiently and effectively. At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve spent a lot of time testing out these kinds of accessories, checking for product quality and running computer tests. One of the best lines we’ve found on the market is made by TiAL Sport.

TiAL Sport Inc. started by making a simple 46 mm external wastegate. Now, the company is one of the most respected names for turbocharging accessories. Made from premium materials, such as a nickel-chromium-iron alloy for handling high heat, this line of accessories helps turbochargers do their job better. That’s a big deal whether you’re looking for extra oomph to make it up a big hill, or looking for the extra edge to earn you a win at the track.

These valve and wastegates come with a variety of sizes, options and internals (and, in some cases, external colors to match other components in your engine compartment). Since 2006, we’ve been working with performance engines and their turbochargers, figuring out the best configurations for different models. No matter what kind of turbo you have, no matter what kind of car you have, our staff of gearheads can walk you through the line and help you find the best accessories for your needs. Just give us a call — we love talking to fellow performance enthusiasts — or email us with your details and questions.

In addition to our excellent customer service, you’ll also see that we offer impressive discounts on these components. Combined with our great deals on shipping, you’ll save even more money for your next projects. At MAPerformance, we love helping make automotive dreams become reality. Whether it’s a simple spring or flange, or a full wastegate or blow off valve, TiAL Sports can get you there faster.