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AEM Electronics

AEM Electronics

When you need quality products to monitor critical information about your engine in high performance situations, trust AEM gauges from Modern Automotive Performance.

Normal drivers don’t want to know much about their engine. All they care about is gas, speed and temperature. Performance drivers need to know much more, however. Because they are working with turbochargers, custom tunes and other engine upgrades, they need to monitor fuel mixture, boost buildup and more.

Our staff of gearheads has decades of collective experience working on performance vehicles, and they don’t let us sell anything they wouldn’t install in their own cars. That’s why we have a large line of products available from AEM Electronics. We’ve tested so many brands of gauges, but AEM gauges and AEM performance electronics never let us down.

Based in California, the company, like us, is made up of racers who don’t like to compromise on quality. They have some true geniuses on staff, because they have developed some of the most innovative gauges we’ve ever worked with — the kinds of things we wonder how we ever drove without. It was the first company to pair a gauge interface with a wideband air/fuel controller, and that particular gauge is quickly becoming a standard. Top racing websites and magazines keep putting its products through extreme testing conditions, and they keep passing with flying colors.

Gauges aren’t its only specialty, however: AEM also has many electrical components and replacements with aftermarket design for your performance vehicle.

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When it comes to sport car performance parts, quality matters. That's why we sell innovative performance cars electronics that enhance both cosmetic and performance aspects of your car.

Buying from our inventory of aftermarket car performance parts like a fuel ratio gauge with fantastic quality, methanol injection kits with high flow and better performance, you'll get great perks like fast, free shipping on orders over $199, and a hassle-free 90-day return policy. We care about your AEM performance electronics part-buying experience as much as you care about your ride.