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Mitsubishi OEM SST Transmission Filter | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X (2513A040)
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Perrin Pitch Stop Mount | Subaru Multiple Fitments (PSP-DRV-101)
Perrin Pitch Stop Mount | Multiple Fitments (PSP-DRV-101)
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Perrin Pitch Stop Mount | Subaru Multiple Fitments (PSP-DRV-101)
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Group N Transmission Mount | 2004-2021 Subaru STI (D1010FE000)
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Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Pitch Stop Tranny Mount (Subaru) - Modern Automotive Performance
Torque Solution Billet Pitch Stop Tranny Mount | Multiple Fitments (TS-SU-011PR)
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Torque Solution Billet Transmission Mount | 2002-2018 Subaru WRX/STi (TS-SU-300V2)
Torque Solution Billet Transmission Mount | 2002-2018 Subaru WRX/STi (TS-SU-300V2)
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AMS Transmission Cooler (Mitsubishi Evo X / Ralliart) - Modern Automotive Performance
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Torque Solution Short Shifter | Nissan 350Z/370Z & Infiniti G35/G37 (TS-SS-022)
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Torque Solution Billet Aluminum Transmission Mount | 2003-2009 Nissan 350Z (TS-TM-350)
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B&M Racing SuperCooler Transmission Cooler BM70273 - Modern Automotive Performance

B&M Racing SuperCooler Transmission Cooler (70273)
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Any car guy will tell you that the transmission is the key to a good performance. In some ways, a transmission is like an offensive lineman in football – you don’t notice them when they’re doing their job, but when they falter, the whole team/car pays the price. Whether you’re looking for better power application or just don’t want to be stuck in third gear, taking care of your transmission is essential. With transmissions and transmission components from Modern Automotive Performance, you can motor down the road thinking about touchdowns rather than sacks.

If the day has finally come to overhaul the whole unit, our Werks transmission rebuild service will get you back in commission. Either send in your existing transmission core or ask us to purchase one, and we’ll take it from there by adding new seals, replacing all broken or outdated parts and even painting the case. Different rebuild stages are available depending on your needs, and you can add on components such a shift fork, shift selector and limited slip differential. We’ll also help you get more out of your existing transmission with our valve body and clutch upgrades. An SSP valve body upgrade will give you heavier pull at the red line for trips to the drag strip, while a clutch upgrade is vital to supporting the torque of your performance engine.

The transmission is one of the bigger investments you’ll make in your car, and you want that investment to survive and thrive as long as possible. Our assortment of transmission components will keep you out of the shop and on the road. Keep your transmission fluid clean with a Dodson Motorsports transmission filter, or reducing shuddering during hard acceleration by using Perrin Pitch Stop transmission mounts. Torque dampers, final drive gear sets, braces, drain plugs and more are available for reliable, long-lasting power transfer. Check out our fitment tool to narrow down which parts are right for your vehicle, and save even more off our great prices thanks to our Loyalty Rewards program. more