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AEM Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge | AEM 30-4110

$168.99 $232.00
You Save 27% ($ 63.01)

AEM Gauges | 52mm UEGO WideBand A/F Ratio + Turbo Boost

$334.00 $415.35
You Save 20% ($ 81.35)

AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Controller (30-0300)

$185.73 $206.37
You Save 10% ($ 20.64)

AEM 3 Gauge Combo | 52mm UEGO WideBand A/F Ratio + Oil Pressure + Turbo Boost

$540.85 $645.19
You Save 16% ($ 104.34)

Innovate Motorsports Ethanol Content % & Fuel Temp (3904)

$151.99 $189.00
You Save 20% ($ 37.01)

STM AEM Uego EvoScan Serial Logging Cable | 2003-2015 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9/X (STM-EVOSCAN-LOG)


AEM Gauges X-Series 35PSI/2.5BAR Boost Pressure Display Gauge (30-0306)

$181.51 $201.68
You Save 10% ($ 20.17)

Cobb Tuning Accessport V3 A-Pillar Mount | 2015-2021 Subaru WRX/STI (SUB-PC-804748)


Prosport Evo Series 52mm Digital Boost Gauge (216EVOBO.PSI)

$76.50 $85.00
You Save 10% ($ 8.50)

Prosport 52mm Premium Evo Series Electrical Boost Gauge (216EVOBO-PK-R.PSI)

$98.10 $109.00
You Save 10% ($ 10.90)

AEM Gauges X-Series Fuel/Oil Pressure Gauge (30-0301)

$186.17 $206.86
You Save 10% ($ 20.69)

AEM Digital Oil Pressure Gauges 0-150 PSI (30-4407)

$206.85 $229.84
You Save 10% ($ 22.99)

Dialed Mounts Accessport Dock Mount | 2015-2021 Subaru WRX / STI (2000-15-19)


GlowShift Gray Triple Pillar Pod | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X (GS-384G)


Prosport 52mm Premium Evo Series Wideband Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Kit (216EVOAFRPK4.9-WO)

$189.00 $210.00
You Save 10% ($ 21.00)

AEM X-Series 0-150 Oil Pressure Gauge Kit - 10 Bar (30-0307)

$227.53 $252.82
You Save 10% ($ 25.29)

Prosport Evo Series 52mm Digital Oil Pressure Gauge (216EVOEOP.PSI)

$88.20 $98.00
You Save 10% ($ 9.80)

Prosport 52mm Premium Evo Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge (216EVOOP-PK-R.PSI)

$103.50 $115.00
You Save 10% ($ 11.50)

When Ben Parker said “with great power comes great responsibility”, he was talking to his postpubescent nephew who’d been bitten by a radioactive spider and developed superpowers. But in a different way, the same principle applies to cars. The more performance upgrades you add, the more information you’re responsible for, and disregarding it can lead to inefficiency and failures – albeit not as destructive as the failures caused by the Green Goblin. Our performance gauges and accessories make it easy to track data from your car, both for making performance adjustments and being alerted to potential issues.

MAPerformance has been the place for import vehicle owners to turn since 2006, and we have a plethora of Evo IX gauges and Evo X gauges for your needs. Prosport Evo Series digital gauges are easy to read thanks to their large size, clear markings and long-lasting LED lights. Choose from gauges for tracking oil pressure, electrical voltage, exhaust temperature and more, or get an Evo wideband kit with four different color settings. We have gauges for plenty of other vehicles as well, so check our fitment tool to set what matches your machine.

If you’re running a turbocharger, you don’t need an old dashboard full of turbo gauges – our premium gauges will give you the information you need without the clutter. With display gauges from AEM, Prosport, Turbosmart and more, you’re sure to find the best turbo boost gauge for your forced induction system. Pair it with an air/fuel ratio gauge and a digital pressure display gauge, and you’ll know exactly where you stand.

Of course, the information your gauges provide needs to be correct, which is why we also have plenty of high-quality sensors, sending units, meter wires and other accessories. We know the value of good information at Modern Automotive Performance, and with everything from tachometers to vacuum gauges in stock, we’ll make sure you have the right data as well. If you have questions about gauges, or need tips on how to stop Doctor Octopus, we’re here by phone or email to assist you.

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