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To paraphrase Cole Trickle, the thrill of performance is being able to control something that’s out of control. But if you don’t have the right suspension and brakes on your car, there won’t be much controlling going on no matter how good a driver you are. When you’re approaching a hairpin turn or a gaggle of traffic, you’ll be glad you’re using premium components from Modern Automotive Performance. We offer the best available brakes and suspension parts and accessories to help your vehicle hug the road in any conditions.

Improving suspension performance is all about reducing slop and increasing tire-to-road contact, and we have the parts you need to do just that. Our alignment components will keep your tires pointed in the right direction, with camber bolts, roll adjustment kits, sway bars and other parts to increase your contact patch during cornering. Make over your suspension even further with new coilover springs, ball joints and strut mounts, or go all out with an Airtech air suspension that uses air bags to reduce the stress of daily driving and drifting alike. And you’ll be able to float into a corner or stop on a dime using quality brake pads, brake lines and calipers. We even have chassis braces if you’re really serious about a stiff, slop-free ride.

If you’re looking for more beyond what ordinary pump gasoline can do, MAPerformance can help you there as well. Our nitrous systems will give you a shot of speed with the push of a button, while being cheaper and easier to install than a cold air intake. We also offer premium gasoline racing fuel concentrate, along with drums of ethanol racing fuel for championship on-track performance. You can even convert to a water/methanol injection system if you’re really serious about beating out the competition.

DSM owners will especially love our industry-leading parts selection. Find Evo X MR must upgrades such as our MAP Stage 2 brake package to completely overhaul your stock system, or a set of Evo X Swift SPEC-R sport springs that lower ride height and increase spring rate for racing-level performance. We have components for plenty of other makes as well, and our vehicle fitment tool will help you quickly find what’s available for your vehicle. Enjoy a great deal on your suspension and brakes upgrades with same-day shipping on most orders, and enjoy the benefits of our MAP Loyalty Rewards program and financing options. Order today and get your control back whenever you take the wheel.