3 warranty safe wrx mods

The 2015 Subaru WRX is a brand new iteration of a classic, redesigned and redeveloped to make the most out of the platform and thrust Subaru into a new direction. But change, change isn't welcomed in the automotive world. When companies makes changes upon a proven recipe for success, it isn't always welcomed graciously by consumers. It's often feared and in some cases neglected altogether. However, the folks at Subaru have taken a giant leap in the right direction, making the right choices with the 2015 WRX. Subtle changes have lead way to improved efficiency, better performance, and increased driveability.

If you've purchased a new WRX, you're most likely already looking into which 2015 WRX mods are best that wont alter your factory warranty. While there are many great 2015 WRX aftermarket parts to choose from, there are a few that wont void your warranty while keeping you and the dealer happy. These modification include:

2015 Subaru WRX/STI 3" Catback Exhaust System by Cobb Tuning cobb 2015 subaru catback

The first Warranty Friendly 2015 WRX mod is a catback exhaust. The Subaru FA20DIT engine responds very well to upgraded exhaust systems, and COBB Tuning has developed a great sounding, performance enhancing 2015 WRX Catback. Many people tend to shy away from catback exhausts systems, with the thought that they void warranties and dealers will decline to perform engine related maintenance. This couldn't be further from the truth, as a catback exhaust system is perfectly safe under Subaru's warranty.

So which catback exhaust system do you choose? First off, we recommend reading up on the differences between 304ss and 409ss. From there, find the best 2015 WRX exhaust for your budget. One brand to look for is CobbTuning. The 2015 WRX Cobb exhaust will slightly increase engine performance, turbo response, and make the car sound more aggressive under heavy throttle. It's made from high-quality 304 stainless steel, so not only is a great warranty friendly mod, it's also one of the best bolt-on 2015 WRX exhaust mods you can make!

2015 Subaru WRX/STI RallyArmor UR Mud Flaps

2015 subaru mud flaps

For the visual modders out there, another simple and warranty friendly 2015 WRX modification comes from a very recognizable name. Subaru WRX Rally Armor mudflaps are popular amongst Rally racers and daily drivers alike, providing superior protection over paint damage behind the wheels. The chances of this happening are doubled if you plan on installing wider wheels or tires. The wider stance will fling rocks, hitting your rocker panels and quarter panels causing severe damage to your paint.

Made from high quality polyurethane, the 2015 WRX Rally Armor mud flaps attach via stainless steel brackets. Lower quality mud flaps are made from a type of plastic which breaks and falls off in extreme heat or cold climates. The lower quality mud flaps require drilling into your fender liner to install, which can cause more damage than they prevent! Priced under $200, 2015 WRX Rally Armor mudflaps install in under and hour, protecting rocker panel paint and looking good to boot!

Perrin Performance 2015 WRX Brass Shifter Bushing Kit

2015 wrx perrin shift stop

One common issue all Subaru WRX's suffer from is excessive shifter movement. "That's what shifters do, they move." is probably what alot of you are thinking. Well yes, but side to side play in the shifter can be annoying and make shifter movement tough while heavy shifting. In extreme cases, it can hinder shift performance when you need it most - navigating traffic. This is the last place you want to miss shifts.

Thankfully, the folks at Perrin Performance have created a remedy to this issue with their brass shifter bushing kit. Carefully placed O-rings eliminate 2015 WRX shifter slop while keeping shift movement natural feeling. You'll mostly notice the different between 2nd and 3rd gears. The Perrin 2015 WRX Shifter Bushing is priced nicely at just over $20.00, making a budget and warranty friendly mod. Installation takes about an hour, then you're well on your way to better, shiffer shifts!