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When you’re upgrading your engine for high-performance driving, half the battle deals with handling heat. Your engine at stock level is already full of explosions, and every upgrade you make is about making those explosions bigger and more powerful, so that you can scream down the track or across the course. That means if you don’t handle heat, you’ll degrade the parts in your engine and increase the likelihood of causing expensive damage.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we have spent years and years testing different cooling systems to keep the engine fresh and firing. From simple seals to full radiators, we’ve worked with a lot and found the best ways to keep your temps down. Our rule of thumb: If we wouldn’t trust a part to work in our personal cars, we’re not going to waste your time or money by selling it for yours. Our shelves are filled with quality parts from the industry’s best manufacturers, and when we can’t find a part that meets our high standards, we make it ourselves in our machining facility.

There are plenty of ways to keep your engine cool. The right oil pump can keep your engine lubricant from gumming up and creating deposits. A performance radiator can handle the extreme temps coming from your engine. Even high-quality hoses, gaskets and seals can improve engine life. That means you can save money for the projects you want to work on, instead of spending dollar after dollar fixing damage caused by heat-related wear.

Contact us and we’ll tell you much more. No matter what you drive or what kind of cooling systems you have, we can help you find a way to improve it. Combined with our low prices, great shipping, speedy order assembly and Loyalty Rewards program, you’ll keep your car on the road for miles and miles, race after race.