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Oil Catch Cans & Accessories

Ensure long life for your souped-up engine with a high-quality oil catch can from Modern Automotive Performance that’s built to handle the extreme conditions in your engine bay.

If you’re on this page, it’s probably because “need” is more applicable to your situation than “want.” Most of our customers are thinking “catch me if you can” before “oil catch can.” And that’s too bad, because this device adds miles upon miles to the life of your engine.

In a nutshell: An oil catch can collect oil vapors from air intake that is recirculated into the engine. Air is a wonderful thing for engines because it maximizes the explosions that push each piston. But when excessive oil is in that air, it leads to build-up that at best, can leech performance, and at worst, cause expensive damage.

That process can be bad enough in a normal engine. But your engine isn’t normal, is it? We’re normally not gamblers, but we think it’s a safe bet to say your engine runs much hotter than others. That means your components need to be built to handle the harsh environment inside your engine bay.

That’s why we stock oil catch cans from the industry’s best manufacturers, such as Boomba Racing, Kozmic Motorsports, Radium Engineering and more. We’ve even built a few that meet our incredibly high standards. All of these will provide a crucial level of protection for your cylinders, ensuring long life and better performance from your engine. We have models that come in custom colors for those of you who love to show off internals as well.

Contact us today, and our staff of gearheads will explain how to get the most from these critical components, and how an aftermarket upgrade will outperform your stock can. Our low prices, outstanding shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program will help you save money for your next project as well.


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