2015-2021 Subaru STI Oil Catch Can by Cusco

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The blow-by gas which can be toxic is sent in to the mixture of fuel and air of a normal production engine can now be returned and sent to the combustion room along with the mixture with the use of this oil tank being separated from the toxic oil, and, where as in comparison to competition cars, the blow-by gas is let out into the atmosphere. This oil catch tank will not pollute the air or re-burn the unneeded toxic oil, but instead, catches it and recycles it into the tank.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Vento Jr
Great catch can and diagnostic tool!

Love this catch can! Cusco gets down to business with the best bang for your buck. You’ll save on this versus an AOS and have the ability to see exactly how much blow by you have by checking the container regularly. Highly recommended even for stock cars. This should be your first mod for better fuel mixture, and preventive maintenance like carbon build up for fouling out cats or o2 sensors!

Chris Brenton
Best mod so far

Purchased this for a 2015 STI Limited. It replaced the Subaru upgraded exhaust that they install when the car reaches port. Wow the sound is amazing! Very low tone grumble. Exactly what a boxer is suppose to sound like. It's not louder, just better. I have a Cobb Accessport and CAI with a stage 1 tune. Boost is now running about .5 - 1.0 PSI higher at WOT. Install was a breeze. Did it alone and it only took a few hours. The fit was perfect. The only negative was a bit of a smell for the first 20 minutes driving it but that quickly goes away. I find myself shutting off the tunes to better hear the exhaust soundtrack.

Solid product

Product is great, easy to install. Lots of oil build on on the inter cooler coupler without it, haven’t checked since but this seems to aid in redirecting the blow by good.